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VSonic GR06: Shure Black Foam or Comply T-100?

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Long story short, I managed to lose all 14 pairs of my VSonic faux-hybrid tips (I think that's a record), and the only tips I managed to save were the grey foam tips that came with the Vsonic, as they were on my IEMs when I lost all my tips.


Since then, I've fallen in love with foam tips. I realize that the VSonic foam tips aren't the best (they seem to veil the sound a bit), and I'm now looking to upgrade.


So which one is more suitable for the VSonic? Comply or Shure?


Thanks guys!

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Shure tips are designed for a small nozzle IEM so won't fit the GR06 so you'll be better of getting some Comply which are compatible with the GR06.
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How small is small?

The GR06 is rather small, at 3.5mm.

Besides, I'm willing to mod them if it means better SQ. I've seen the DIY thread.

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I don't know but I have a gro7 and black foam with me now and it's not happening unless you take the core out. I can't comment on sound as I have not modded it to fit the GR06 when I had it.

If you want the best sound though I would get some Phonak tips for them. Although they sometimes fell out in your ears as ever so slightly to big, they sound better than stock tips, Sony hybrid and comply from my experiance, other opinions may vary.
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Ah, thanks then.


Any idea where I can get these Phonak tips?

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Phonak direct I think in the accessory section.
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I have no experience with VSonic GR06, so I'm not sure if which foamies fits the earphones.

But this is what you'll get from changing the tips, in term of quantity.

Treble : Stock Silicone Tips >= Shure Foam > Comply Foam
Bass : Comply Foam > Shure Foam >= Stock Silicone Tips

So if you want more bass, more warmth from your GR06, you can go for Comply Foam.
Or if you love the sound of Silicone tips but want the comfort of fomies, go for Shure Foam.

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I've always found comply to lose some low bass and more than the shure olive. Comply damps the top the most unless the shure is stretched enough to be restricting a nozzle. goldenears has lots of curves that show foam vs silicone and the deep bass always goes a bit south. http://en.goldenears.net/index.php?mid=GR_Earphones&page=5&document_srl=3381 yellow foam is like a comply.

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I think in most cases the Comply tips kill the highs and make the sound very dark and experience that on pretty much every IEM other than the Triple Fi 10s in which they sounded better with them.

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Try decoring a foam tip and shoving it into a fitting silicone tip of your choice. Noise isolation and part of the comfort of foam, but the sound of the silicone. Probably best done with comply foams though.

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