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Gym Headphones?

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My apple earphones went deaf due to sweat and possibly intense movement, and I'm looking for headphones or earphones that under $100. I'm using them for intense workouts at the gym, such as running the tread mill, lifting weights, If there earphones I want ones that stick in your ear, because the apple right ear bud kept falling out from sweat or because it does not fit my ear canal .  One of my biggest pet-peeves is people hearing my music while working out due to sound leakage, but I want a really good sounding headphone/earphone that will blow those Beats/bose kids at the gym (I used to be one of them lol)  for under $100,


I like listening to 


The Beatles
Led Zeppelin

The Who



That really intense rock and roll! 

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I was thinking about getting the iGrado, since Grado is amazing at rock music. The only downside is that it might leak out alot, because I love blasting my music!  then again it looks more comfy then sticking a earbud in my ear ! then there is the Sure Se212 and the SoundMagic E30. but of the 3 I have no clue what would suite my needs

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for me gym my IEM's don't really need to have great sound quality, as long as they don't break or fall out of my ear I'm happy


there is a lot of outside noise, the radio is blasting, and I sweat a lot so even when IEM's normally give me a good fit/isolation, within 15 minutes in the gym, they slide out due to ear sweat (gross I know). I have no idea how long they are going to last under abuse so I don't try to spend too much on them either


I'm currently using these

My favorite so far, lots of tips, doesn't sound like complete crap and they don't fall out


If you really want headphones... I can't really say, I can't imagine using headphones in the gym


I've used my klipcsh s4's at the gym, and they worked out okay. Great quality and surprisingly stayed in longer than expected, with occasionally repositioning. I just don't want to accidentally ruin them

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I get what your saying thanks for the advice!


I mean I'm leaning  towards isolation type of headphones/earphones for the gym for secure sound leakage, but then again I don't want to compromise the music! The music is what its all its about! So I don't mind sound "Too much leakage" since it would probably get drowned out by other noises, like I use a cheap pair of sony one for $20, they don't leak out too much because i'm either running out something else is drowning out the noise. igrado sounds very inviting for my rock spirit tastek701smile.gif

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If you dont mind over the ear vs in ear.. Check out Kicker HP201.. Just got a pair.. Sound great and you could usually get them for under $20 bucks...

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I much prefer over the ear  

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I think it'd be most advisable to just find some comfortable, tough, and cheaper IEMs for only the gym. I honestly can't imagine going to the gym with any over-ears, although you can go jogging with koss porta pros on. perhaps the px100 II. Both are open-back phones though. Basically you're not likely to find anything over ear that isolates well and is still suitable for typical gym use.


I can only imagine over-ears getting sweaty/smelly, torn up, banged up, and just cumbersome.


The M6s look right, behind the ear ergo-fit like a lot of high-ends, with memory wire so they're not likely to fall out. Vsonic GR99, GR02, Philips SHE3590, JVC FX-101. They all sound really good, and you won't be too torn up if you snag on the weight rack and rip the cable or sweat out the driver. With some of these you're definitely not compromising with sound.

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Check out MEE M6's for $20:


Or for twice the price ($43)


S6's are the same as M6's just with a bit different cable and the "sports" accessories.


I have S6's and the wife has M6's and we both work out in them every day.


I suggest getting M6's as the cable on the S6's doesn't really offer any real advantage and for double the price you might as well just get 2 pairs of M6's just in case you break one :p


They stay in quite well, even doing fully inverted ab excersizes.

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For gym use I suggest the $7 JVC Riptidz IEM.. Don't get fooled by the price. It actually sounds quite decent. it is listed as being sweat and water resistant. For more detail, the Panasonic RP-HJE355 or JVC HA-FX40 are both quite nice. They are IEMs and around $20 each. The HA-FX40 is very bright, while the HJE355 has a warmer balance. I like both of these. Imo the HJE355 seems like it has a bit better build quality, while the HA-FX40 seems to have slightly more detail, but also treble that can be too strong at times. Two inexpensive headphone seem like good buys. The JVC HA-S160($13) and the Koss Sportapro(around $20). The HA-S160 is closed, but is very small so it doesn't isolate so well. The Sportapro is open. The Sportapro headband can be worm around the neck or over the head. The Sportapro sounds the same as the more expensive Portapro. The Sportapro has a warm sound balance, and its bass can sound a bit muddy at times. The HA-S160 sounds much more neutral. Imo it doesn't make sense to use an earphone or headphone over $25 at the gym. Whatever you use at the gym will probably break or get messed up soon enough.
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I use my Meelec M9's. No complaints; the sound is suitable, the cord is super durable, and they tend to stay in well. I think I got mine used in "Like New" condition for roughly $13. Worth a look.


Considering I use them for work as well (I work in a lumberyard) it's astounding that these things have held up as well as they have.

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I used the M6, though right side died within 2 weeks, Meelec offered full replacement, though decided to pay a bit extra and go for the S6 as replacement-absolutely fantastic!!!


Prior to this:


Sony AS-100W--i used them in backup gym bag--they've taken a beating and lasted 2-3 years still going strong

Klipsh S4i--i sweat a ton, and now the front buttons seem to be "erradic" during gym use, they've been retired for fitness and now for travel use/idle use only (perhaps the rugged S5's are better choice for "moisture"

Sony Piiq In-ear--garbage, right side died on first use within 45 mins of gym use

Sennheiser HD220 On ear (heck it has adidas logo)--alright, except your ears get hot and the pads start to collect your character, too much surrounding noise for my taste

JVC HAS600W Around the ear--enjoyed them, ears a tad hot, and the pads around the ear do collect sweat and same drill, collect some character if you know what i'm saying lol--think hockey bag.

Adidas MX 860--earbuds, sucked, if you go for these go with the CX model instead



Meelec S6 for the win. Sony AS series great too.


Based on my experience, i'd be sticking with in-ear models from now on and preferably something that holds in place (headband, earloop, stayft, e.). Love the earmuff style, except 90 minutes 5days a week, the pads pick up your sweat like an old sweatband lol, something to keep in mind. And without something holding in place, depending how much you sweat, IEM will slip out. Again maybe depends on what substitutes on "gym"--how much movement are you doing, just weighlifting, sprinting vs jogging, crossfit, yoga, etc


Something else to consider, and maybe will try next... Polk Audio Ultrafit series

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fx-101 or fx-1x1 i use over ear, i have a lot of high end iems but seriously if you are being serious in the gym dont go over $15 and spend the money elsewhere!


I train and fight muay thai in thailand it involves a lot of moving around and fast pace in extremely humid conditions, also just started moving into triathlon and they are fine on the bike and on the run.  I listen to either rock or audio books depending on intensity.


It seriously bugs me when i see someone in the gym with a ridiculous expensive sets (shure 535 anyone) or the beats (so wrong), or "I want this sound quality" comments, your in there to work out plain and simple get in get out.  


What matters to me in a gym earphone is:


a) sturdy but cheap and replaceable.

b) a little bass heavy

c) go well over ear.

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fx101 over the ear threaded though the hoody and clip zip attached to hoody pocket tongue.gif

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Originally Posted by stozzer123 View Post

"It seriously bugs me when i see someone in the gym with a ridiculous expensive sets (shure 535 anyone) or the beats (so wrong)"


Haha, agreed! Seriously, Beats Studio Pro ftw!

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+1 with stozzer, fx101 or meelec m6. The m6 sounds decent and they come with a lot of tips, sturdy cable easy to use over ear. Add a clip+ Thats all you need for gym or workouts

The Ripitdz is also a very good cheap iem for workouts if they break they are so cheap it would not matter, they got decent isolation and are " water proof". Sounds decent nothing offensive considering the price.
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