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FitEar ToGo and ALO

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ALO is very happy to announce our partnership with FitEar ToGo. We are now the USA dealer for their amazing FitEar ToGo 334 Universal fit in ear headphone. We met with Mr. Suyama during the Fall Headphone festival in Tokyo and was able to demo the FitEar ToGo 334s. We were quite frankly blown away at how awesome they sounded. The 334s are in my opinion far and away the words best performing universal fit in ear headphone you can find. They are all hand made in Japan at the FitEar factory and here at ALO audio now have these amazing IEMs in stock in the USA.



We also have the ALO SXC upgrade cables available for for the 334.















Thank you


Ken @ ALO

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Steve Guttenberg posted his review of the FitEar ToGo 334s on C-NET see here


Thanks Steve!



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