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Buying Headphones / Amps from Ebay

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Hello Head-Fi'ers


I'm just wondering if anyone has ever had like... problems buying from Ebay, I've always heard from family and friends to never even go to that website due to the amount of fakes out there... Most of all, I mean sorry to say this, but there are fake Beats floating all over. Wouldn't it be just as easy to fake "tube amps" or other headphones?


I have no clue about tube amps, but looking at that huge thread on "posting your head-fi gear" and people saying they get stuff off ebay leaves me skeptical.


How can you determine the authenticity beforehand? If possible?

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I don't know what you're looking into buying. But I've bought a few (headphone related) things from eBay, four pairs of used headphones actually. None turned out to be a problem with me. What I do is look at the sellers ratings and reviews, and see if they seem to be a legit seller. Anything that's too far below 100 percent I shy away from. And honestly, I'm not sure if I'd be willing to dump a ton of money into something on eBay unless it's something I couldn't find anywhere else and I really wanted it. For the most part, the things I've bought on eBay were relatively cheap (for headphone gear anyway). If you're worried about buying a new product and getting a counterfeit, then I'd just try and find an authorized online dealer. When I got my K240 Studio, the seller was AudioTopia, and on AKG's website they listed them as an authorized dealer, so I felt better.


Anyway, just some of my experiences and such.

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