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IC: Utah Meet Summer 2012

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I see its been about 6 months since the last Utah meet so just checking to see who might be interested in gathering some time in the near future.

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I live in Sandy and would be interested in hanging out. I have a few buddies that are head-fiers and we have listening sessions every few weeks.  let me know....




Hi Sorry I've been out of touch on this whole thing....Family death and crazy summer. I would still love to have a meet its just hard to accommodate everyones schedule.  



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New to the site but nuts about getting better HiFi and music. Live in the Provo area and if the is a meet would love to attend

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I am out in Tooele but I can come over to the Salt Lake valley whenever there is a meet available.

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Where did everybody go? We had a bunch of awesome people into headphones here in Utah a few years back, eric, cherry bomb.

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I live in Sandy and been crazy into the headphone thing lately please add me to your list and I will bring all my goodies....:)



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