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And I think you will be very happy with the Ultrasone's performance for that price...imo.

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I updated my post on the main Recommendations thread, figured I should have maybe posted there in the first place.  I put some more detail into what I'm looking for since I have a better understanding of what I want now.  If anybody is still looking at this thread feel free to take a look at what I've written up now if have more suggestions. 



I originally started my own thread, but after finding this, I decided to post my needs here, especially since looking some of my preferences and priorities have changed. I will try to list out everything I am looking for, as well as the priority or emphasis I place on each category.


In order of priority:


1. Price- ($75-$100) Im a college student on a tight budget.  I can't afford to splurge on entry level hi fi headphones.  I have only very recently begun looking into some quality headphones after breaking numerous sets of in ear buds, and deciding I want something with a good build and better sound quality than I have experienced.  I am willing to go slightly above or slightly below this range if something cheaper has just great quality for the price, or if something more expensive has a big boost in quality for the price increase.  However I will definitely be more reluctant to spend more than $100.  


2. Music Genres- I listen to a good mix of Electronic, Indie Rock, Alternative, Dub Step (when I'm in the mood), and Hip Hop every now and then.  I like bass.  I realize that for many of you that is not a top priority, but I don't want to get a pair and be disappointed by the level of bass.  At the same time I don't want something like beats or skullcandies that are gonna cause brain damage from small magnitude earthquakes in my ears.


3. Comfort- This only comes slightly after the other 2 categories.  I want something that I can where for extended periods of time without feeling uncomfortable and needing to take off.


4. Closed/Open- Being inexperienced I'm not very knowledgeable about which I would prefer.  I think I would prefer the noise isolation of the closed style, as well as the generalization of a punchier bass, but I am open to both options. 


5. Portability/Listening Mode- I would like something to be decently portable, just to the point that I could possibly fold it up in a case and put in my bookbag to take to campus.  Maybe walk around with them and listen to my phone or something, but for the most part I plan on using this at home, with my computer, PS Vita, phone, and possibly my PS3.  If I can find something with inline mic and volume control that would be a plus, but not a necessity.


6. Style- Hey if there is something out there that has all of this things that looks sleek and stylish thats fantastic.  If not, no biggie.  Although I don't see myself placing too much emphasis on this, I suppose there may be something ugly enough to prevent me from buying it. (For instance I can get some great looking Incase Sonic's for $80 with discount and promo code PASSON20, but I feel like I may be trading quality for looks, and that I would be disappointed with the bass)


7. Amped-  I dont want to deal with this.  I want something that sounds good out of the box.


Products I have looked at so far include:

  • ATH M-50: Like I said, I just can't justify the price right now.
  • Ultrasone HFI 580: Have seen issues with comfort level for some people, and this is a huge downside for me
  • Incase Sonic: Mostly just look really cool and they are having a big sale on the website right now, but again I dont wan't to sacrifice sound quality
  • Sony MDR V6: I've heard this is a solid set that has been around for years.  Idk if I will be satisfied with it though being an older product.
  • Shure SRH840: Again, just a little pricey. 


I have made this as detailed as I possibly can, to try and cover all my bases.  Im really hoping some of  you out there who have experience with a wide variety of headphones can make suggestion for me.  I'm an extremely spending conscious individual, and when I buy electronics I tend to research the hell out of of before I make a purchase.  Please help me move beyond my indecision so I can move on with my life and start listening!

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I have one perfect recommendation. The Numark Red Wave. It fits all of your criteria. Give them a look.

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Bahaha.  They even match my school colors!  Fantastic I will definitely take a look at these.

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And believe me, they have BASS. You don't need an amp. They are comfortable. They are like, 80 bucks on Amazon. They are highly portable. They have good sound isolation. And boy, are they stylish. I think they would be an excellent choice.

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does the numark red wave go completely over your ear or does it sit one your ear a bit

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Originally Posted by Jay Delo View Post

does the numark red wave go completely over your ear or does it sit one your ear a bit

For my ears, they go completely around my ears. HOWEVER, the pads sit somewhat on my ears, but only on the inner lip of the pads. Still, a very comfortable fit and seal.

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Thanks to everyone who provided me with suggestions and food for thought.  I actually ended up going with the Ultrasone HFI 580s which I found on Amazon for $120.  Im really looking forward to getting those in and seeing what this hi fi headphone thing is all about.  


On a somewhat unrelated note, I signed up for Amazon Prime for a free 6 month trial for college students.  Along with the streaming video service which is great, you also get free 2 day shipping on everything.  Of course in all my excitement to order the headphones, I forgot about the free 2 day and just had them shipped standard 3-5 business day...FAIL ME!

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Idk weather if I should get the ultrasone 580 or ath-m50 also.

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