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Hello I am completely new to this world, well i already have some JAMO SAT30011 speakers and bass plugged into a Sony STR-GX415 reciever which i got for free, this rreally got me hooked on hifi audio when i was using my desktop with a ASUS Xonar D2X. Now I only have a laptop with no external DAC, and I will be moving to an "Efterskole" ( for the next year. This is why i want to buy a DAC + AMP and a good pair of headphones for next year. I also would like a good pair of IEM

s because I wont be able to carry around a set of headphones ^^


So I have been lurking around in here for a while without making an account and I think i found a nice setup, would you mind taking a look at it ? :D


Here it goes:




DAC + AMP for Laptop and for portable use with my 3rd gen iPod with this for my iPod




I hope I gave enough info :)





PS: I could not find a forum for help, so i saw that there was a few help threads in here.