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B&W P5 headphones vs old Sony MDR CD1700

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Hi, I have some Sony MDR CD1700 headphones, bought them in 1999 and they've served me really well...but I really wanted something a bit smaller like the B&W P5s.  The sound quality on the Sonys is outstanding, and I'm wondering how the P5s compare really.  I especially like jazz and vocals.  The P5s look to be perfect in terms of size and weight.


There's a little plastic thing on my CD1700s headband that cracked and the leather-look piece has worn out..... do you think they're still sellable?  Sony is absolutely useless in sourcing any parts. Even at HQ...


A side note...how's that Chesky Binaural album I saw advertised here ? =))))  I only just discovered about binaural, it's amazing!

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I have a stock CD1700 that is out of use with mint ear pads. It first belonged to Tiemen. I don't have a real idea how much it is worth but if you want a spare CD1700 just PM me. 


P.S. I am serious.

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PM sent =) (I hope!)

By the way, I should mention that the P5s will be for the iPhone when traveling ....but mostly for analogue (vinyl records) at home.

I have a secret Julie London collection....that sort of thing.  Don't tell anyone ;)

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I had the CD770 and in a way preferred them to the D7000 because of their larger soundstage, the D7000 are just better overall. For what it's worth I'd take a CD770/CD1700 over both the D2000 and D5000.


For Julie London checkout Beyers DT48, I would also suggest a Sony DR-Z or a top-of-the-line Grado but they don't do travel.

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In some ways the DT48E and CD1700 are quite different to say the least. For some music I must admit the DT48E can sound phenomenal. 

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