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You can find all of my journey in the signature. I can tell you it was... and still is a fun ride! biggrin.gif I don't want to steal the thread but it would have been to much to port all the story here.

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It all started back when I was around 3-4 years old.  My family had always done DJing so I was always around music and headphones.


Ever since back in the early 80s I enjoyed loud but clear sound.  I bought my first pair of 7506s when I was in middle school and still have them to this day (replaced the cups a few times lol).



At the time I bought the 7506s, I simply asked the guy at Music Center which pair of headphones he recommended, they had already sold us hundredes of thousands of gear so he took care of me pretty well.


Although I enjoyed the 7506s, I didn't think they were the best....so I kept on trying on other pairs of headphones.  Every single time proving my own self wrong.


I probably own around 50 pairs of headphones (behind the ear, over the ear, in-ear) but I always come back to my 7506s.



Fast forward through college I learned audio engineering and the teacher was impressed with my headphones, as time went by I realised that not only did I have one of the best sounding headphones, I had been able to fully enjoy them throughout the years.



My uncle is my biggest influence, he always had to have good sounding stuff in car, house, DJing so he was always showing off his gear to me and teaching me about EQ, amps, mixing, etc.


To this day I hate that the iPods/iPhones do not feature a custom EQ, which kills me when I'm on the road.

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Well, im my history... I was always loving music, like many people. I was collecting some amps given by my father, some turntables, rather poor but I was always looking better quality of sound, as my father told that all these play not good and thet there must be something that plays close to live music. So I was searching for many years a new components, new record but the real revolution came one day when I have heard Acoustic Avantgarde Speakers during some hi-fi exposition. It was Frank Sinatra played on vinyl. The depth of the voice told me to look for such similar sound. This little fascinating saturation in recording, which is very hard to be found on regular hi fi setups.

Now during giving start to my family I was obliged to start to use headphones. Which surprised me by their sound quality, mostly by the model T5 which inspired me to but T70m which I find very close to my speakers setup. I realized that I'm audiophile when i noticed that i keep my attention to such a small details like heard moves of chairs, breath of musicians or even change of paper notes during simphonia recordings.

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Well, it stated maybe 3-4 years back, I went to a big consumer electronics show and just happened to walk past the Sennheiser booth, just kinda drifting around looking for cool stuff. I reached the booth and some guy asked if I wanted to try out a pair of headphones that were on offer, the HD558s, and I was like, "Why not?". I was instantly blown away by the soundstage and detail, I had never heard such good sound quality before and decided to get a pair, and it lead to quite a few IEM purchases and recently the most expensive thing I've bought, the HD650, and I've never been happier :)

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