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AKG on DealExtreme

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Has anyone ordered one of these headphones?


Are they fake or genuine? If they are fake, how can I spot it?

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Dont buy anything from china..... thats all fake, thats why its cheap. Only thing ill buy off china is fake beats studios.... since they actually sound DECENT and can sell easily.

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The construction will be different from the real thing, and sound will be not as good, if there ****ty replicas then it will sound TERRIBLE. and they wont last as long. Trust me i used to buy fakes and i regret just buy the real deal.

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Fake, don't waste you money on any brand name headphones on places like DX. They do however sell legit FiiO and SoundMAGIC.
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Not so long ago they were selling Sennheiser CX55 on DX and called it genuine. My friend bought a pair and they sounded amazing. After I listened to my friends IEM's, I ordered 4 pairs. when I received them, I listened to all 4 of them. 2 pairs sounded amazing just as my friend's did and the other 2 sounded darker and were more efficient. They sounded louder at the same volume level and crapped out on me after about a week. I guess that DX were selling genuine CX55 that were NOS and after they were out of stock they started selling fake ones and when people started complaining too much, the stopped selling them at all.

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DealExtreme just happens to be one of those outlets that sells genuinely fake products without shame.  Because of this, they have appeared on more than one manufacturers blacklist.  So whether these specific AKGs are real or not, you can pretty much count on the warranty not being honored.  Better off forgetting you even saw them.

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