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headphone baby here

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hello, head-fi. Just thought I'd introduce myself and get some suggestions all in one. I got into good audio a few months ago with a pair of incase sonics, which I know aren't the greatest for the money, but I was satisfied and loved the way they looked, so I didn't explore beyond them much. Unfortunately a few days ago the cloth on the earcups (which aren't replaceable) mysteriously came unglued on the inside. so now that I have to send these cans back, I've been looking for an alternative. 

Let me first say that I haven't spent this much time on the internet in years. I've been researching and reading endless amounts of threads trying to narrow down my choices. I'll have to wait a while on the refund, but once it does, here is what I'm thinking: ultrasone HFI-580, then eventually the Fiio e17, which will eventually lead me to to the ultrasone pro 900's (this will take a while, but I already can't wait). 

I'm pretty much settled on the 580's, because I love bass and I love the following behind the ultrasone line. I'm also pretty convinced that this will force me into buying the 900's, so no issue there really. The only place I'm having trouble is with the amp. My initial choices were the ZO2, E11, E17, and possibly cmoy BB (which I know little about at this point). I know I want an amp, if not for the 580's, for the inevitable 900's. What I'm not sure of is whether or not I need a DAC. I typically play through my toshiba laptop. I'm really attracted to the ZO2, but I'm not sure if I would regret not having a DAC.


If anyone can help shed some light on this it would help me down the road immensely. Also, if anyone has any better recommendations than these amps for the ultrasones, please let me know. 


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laptops generally are said to have bad dacs so a dac along with the amp should be a good idea. i have the e17, its a nice little dac/amp, i like it. good luck and welcome here, sorry for your wallet biggrin.gif

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That's what I figured. I'll probably just save the extra dough for the E17. thanks reddragon. my wallet is cringing from the likely $600-$700 that I have already put into this for the next year or so in my mind. My ears on the other hand are extremely anxious.

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you are welcome, i hope your ears like your decision more than your wallet hates it biggrin.gif. good luck on the hifi journey

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