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Originally Posted by AzraelDarkangel View Post

Beyer DT150, from the reviews I've read


Eek, you just said the forbidden words. I'd duck for cover if I were you. tongue.gif

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Pioneer SE-MJ591

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Originally Posted by Kimx2310 View Post

A lot of Philips new line-ups are under rated like the Downtown and Uptown as well their new Fidelio line like the L1 (though Tyll did put this on his wall of fame) and the X1 (which i have and it is awesome)

Again, they get more then there fair share of coverage - maybe just the X1 that doesn't.

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Yamaha Pro 500. Pricey can but completely worth it. If any of you have a chance to audition them, please do. They deserve more attention.
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Beyerdynamic DT-440 smily_headphones1.gif
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Yamaha HPH-200


On ear, open back, gorgeous balanced sound



(Not sure if they're still in production since the new closed back line was released)


They retail(ed) for about 150.  I saw them on Amazon for $88.00 and bit the bullet,

having never heard them.  I liked them so much I bought another set for about $100,

saying to myself if they are going out of production, I want backup.  These

are great headphones even at their original price range, and owning them led me to sell my Grado 225i's.

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Sony MA900 although it seems to be getting a lot more attention.

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Originally Posted by MrTechAgent View Post


Not so much underrated as it is forgotten, really. They're really well-respected when they're mentioned, but people simply forget that they exist.

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Beyerdynamic DT440, a friend of mine was in Germany a while back and he got them while he was there. I was quite surprised when I listened to them, they actually sounded quite good. I don't get why they don't seem to be mentioned here, almost like they don't exist.
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UE 6000 rule and very underrated 

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Noontec Hammo


Martin Logan Mikros 90


Pioneer SA-E1000

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Martin Logan..Mikros 90 gets my vote.
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Phiaton Bridge MS500. Easily. 

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Originally Posted by Theabs View Post

Noontec Hammo


Martin Logan Mikros 90


Pioneer SA-E1000


Noontec Hammo.. Really? I had a pair and couldn't stand them. Harsh treble, but dark. Very loose bass.

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