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Amazing Headphones <$500

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Hi! I've been a long time member here. It's been more than 5 years since my last post. I'm looking for the very best headphones under $500 or $300. I've had 2 Grado's SR60 and a Grado SR80 thanks to your recommendations. This time i'll like something closed, to have a change from open air. I don't know if it will be a pair of Sennheiser etc. Please tell me in the <$500 range options, and around $300 too. Noise Canceling would be welcomed. I plan to use this, as a substitute to my broken Grado's. To use in home and outside. I've been away from the Audiophile world. When i joined this forum i was 15 , and now i am 23 years old. If you have a cheaper option is welcomed too! Just wanted to see the whole range of options.  Thanks.

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This read will be helpful.

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Thanks, i am just checking it out now.

I do fly a lot from time to time, this is why i mentioned the noise canceling (but not necessary). Although, what i really look for is an ear cup that hugs my ear. Really comfortable and padded closed headphones. Been using my Grado's so much, that i want something less rough on my skin. This and a great balance between sound quality, and value. 

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I guess you're looking for noise isolation. I would suggest HD 25-II or the amperiors for portablility and isolation. Good with rock.

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HD25 are good for isolation, but far from the best headphones in the price range. 


A good closed-back phone you might want to consider is the K550, especially if you have a big head. Another would be the Sony Z1000. Would you consider IEM's? There are very good customs you can get in that price-range.

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The B&W P5, Audio-Techinca ES10, Ultrasone Pro900, V-Moda M80, DT1350 are very good sounding headphones with quality made.

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