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So currently I have a pretty average Sony LX-300USB turntable for vinyl. I just replaced the needle and it sounds good, but not like fantastic. My Uncle just gave me his old turntable, the table itself doesn't look too expensive as it is an old Kenwood KD-48F Belt Driven auto turntable. It has better feet than my Sony and just looks to be better built (and it's in immaculate condition). But the gold mine here I think is the cartridge is an Audio Technica 8008. I looked them up on eBay...going for $120? Wow. Do I need to replace the needle? I looked at it and it looks to be in near perfect shape; he says he didn't use it much because he switched to CDs around the time he bought it. It's probably 20-25 years old though, the needle at least. But did I hit a gold mine? At the very least I figure this cartridge will make it better than my Sony and a vintage one is universally better than a USB one...I have some B&Ws that I use so I need a nice record player.