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For Sale:
Technics SL-Q2 Turntable - Needs New Tone Arm Or...?

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Well, my father has finally decided to let this one go. It's been in storage for years, has been packed up and moved with the family numerous times, but it just hasn't seen any use in decades. I tried swapping out the needle for him (very low hours AT440ML), but since the tone arm is having issues with tracking (needs a cleaning, grease, or simply to be exchanged for a newer one) it's gotta go. Very nice condition all around apart from what's already been mentioned.


PM me with questions. I can also supply more photos upon request.


Send me your best offer and we'll talk.


Btw, that red splotch in the last photo is not there in person. Odd reflection from the flash.

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