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Etymotics HF3 - iPhone 4S echo

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Does anyone else suffer from a debilitating echo when using HF3's and an iPhone 4S? I've tried 3 different sets of HF3's and 2 sets of HF2's over the past few years one 2 different iPhones (iPhone 4 and a 4S). I've also used Klipsch S5i's, the Apple InEar's, and a couple Skullcandy's.

The Skullcandy's and Apple's pick up too much background noise on calls.

The Klipsch's work the best overall, but the location of the mic causes some problems because of contact with my shirt/coat.

I highly prefer the Etymotics sound quality over all others, but I can only rarely (~5% of the time) make a phone call where the other person on the call doesn't have a horrendous echo (I can't hear it on my end).

Doesn't matter who I call and on the same phone call, I can switch out the headphones and the echo is only present with the Etymotics.

I've tried talking with Etymotics and they've graciously sent me replacement headphones, but I've had the same problem with every set. The problem also carries over to my iPhone 4 and when I had my 4S replaced trying to get rid of the echo.

Am I the only person in the world who can't make phone calls with these headphones?

As an FYI, I've also played with the Awareness app but it doesn't seem to influence phone calls.

This isn't the common problem I've read about here and elsewhere when on a call where I, as the caller, can hear noise from the mic when on a call. My only complaint/concern is the echo the person on the other end hears making the call impossible.

I travel quite a bit and listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts often so I need the balance of headphones where I can make a significant number of calls during the day and have quality sound for the non-call audio.

Budget-wise I'm ok at any level, but would prefer to stay below $300 for my final solution. I wish the answer to the echo were something as simple as "oh - you're holding the phone with your left hand....try holding it with your right hand and facing east during a call.". At this point, with how badly I'd like the HF3's to be my final solution, I'd be willing to try something that crazy if it would make my call quality acceptable.

Using AT&T.

Thanks for any info that may help - even a "yes - I have the same echo problem" would be helpful.
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Ihe iPhone 4/4s echo effect is something I started to notice after the update to iOS 6 but only if I insert the cable after I picked up or made a call on the iPhone.
There's no echo at all if the cable is securely inserted before any call activity (call/receive) takes place.
Try it and see if this helps the problem described above
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