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Originally Posted by dweaver View Post

So far I am enjoying the N-Ergy more than the FXD80. I find them more comfortable and I really have become a mid/treble guy, so the brighter signature of the N-Ergy appeals to me more. I will see how I feel over the next couple of days and will continue to burn these in at night as well but I do think these are pretty much on par with the FXD80 just in different ways.

I actually figured I would buy these and find they were to bassy and then simply return them to Walmart, but right now I feel they are a better fit for me than most of the IEM's have tried or own. But I want to see if I feel that way after the honeymoon phase since I have a tendency to change my mind LOL. I also have some PFE 122's coming in that may pound them into the ground.

I will probably tackle some classic rock next and just keep adding genre's to the one post I started above.
how do they sound with rap / hip hop and rnb ?
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This is a long bump, but for people who have these or can try them on the cheap, try this - there's a vent hole on the body just below the nozzle, cover it with a piece of tape.  The bass goes from tight and punchy to the smooth, deep Monster bass.  Pretty well turns it in to a completely different set of headphones.

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I tried this as well, and you are right! Bass improves, mids come forward, and it seems to me the highs smoothed out and were not so bright, did you experience this as well?
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Yeah.  It made the N-Ergy sound a lot like, well, Turbines.

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Mine broke before I could ever experiment with this tape conversion...too bad. sounds very interesting.

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i now this an old thread, but i jsut got a pair of N-ergy's tonight and after the tape mod, i(im no audio expert) these are so comfortable an sound amazing! 

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You can get a pair open box via Amazon Warehouse for $26, prime shipping if you are a member. Very good price. Not going to buy them, but just in case someone else wants to give them a go. Of course, the Amazon deal is US customers only. Just check the "used" area (they are not used, but merely returned). 

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Nice, i actually returned mine. wanted to try them and see the quality, sadly they are a tad uncomfortable after long use. =( but still best sounding iem's i have personally used. im sure there are way better out there. Just got to find the right pair for me, i only use them for movies and music on my tablet, and phone. so not all the time. 

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Are they comfrtable?
Any impressions with amping?
Also interesting in battles against more expensive IEMs.
I was having Turbines and was liking them, but there were two problems, not a perfect seal and driver flex.

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Without the vent covered the Nergy's have no driver flex.  With it covered there's very, very little.  Comfort is subjective, but they're light (way lighter than the Turbines), low profile and can be worn cord up or cord down without difficulty.  Cord up wear does allow for a deeper seal if that's your preference.


The only real negative was that the accessories kind of suck for the price point, but I'd rather Monster spend the money on sound anyways.


They also really don't benefit from amping, unless you have an extremely noisy or high impedance source.

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Thank you, Jekostas!
Now i've got HiFiman 601LimitedEdition (parts inside like on Hifiman602), and i like it. Now wanna some interesting IEMs and i found Nergy in my city from official dealer. Interesting model, especially after this topic, and a good price against another Monster models.
Can anyone give some examples about similarity with another IEMs in terms of sound quality?
I remember that Turbines with amping were sounding super.

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Can anyone answer about instrumental separation and soundstage? I love this parameters:)

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Originally Posted by Berkovajazz View Post

Can anyone answer about instrumental separation and soundstage? I love this parameters:)

instrument separation is average and on par with JVC HAFX 40's and soundstage is about on par with MEE CC51's. I have no idea how they are with the tape mod. Unmodded, they are very bass light and more balanced than your average Monster product. 

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Thank you, IEMagnet!
Well, i think i will go to listen to them this weeknd. My 601LE have a good bass, so i think that synergy might be good.

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So well, i was listening to them in one shop who is official dealer.
Good sound, but not perfect. Seal is not the best. Built quality is normal.
I was listening to the new ones and used ones from one seller who give me his phones to feel difference.
I like their sound, but they don't need my HFM601LE, from iPod you can get a good sound. Rock music sounds very interesting, i like it.
But then i decided to listen to Sennheiser CX175, which are twice cheaper (90$ vs 45$ in my city), and i was really surprised with them. Aaaaand, i've bought them. They don't have a beautiful Nergy treble, but their soundstage is wider and deeper, much better bass, good mids (different characters with Monsters, but both good) and not so good treble. Sennheisers are better for not hard music, Monsters are better for harder genres.

Built quality and seal are perfect. Simply super.
Also they are sounding good from all sources.

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