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For Sale: FS: PoUSBiso USB Isolator

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For Sale:
FS: PoUSBiso USB Isolator

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi there, my old feedback thread is visible at


Selling this USB Isolator as I've got no use for it atm:


It works fine with all the Tenor chips(it will work up to 24/96 with TE8802L), Audiophileo, PCM270x, and all the other USB audio controllers than can communicate over 12MBit/s. It would supposedly also works with the XMOS but not on windows because nobody bothered writing a UAC1 driver for it(it was reported to work fine on a Mac).


The nice thing about this very dongle is that it's got an unregulated input for a 5V PSU to feed both the device side of ADuM4160 and the device itself, so no nasty sounding switching mode regulator here: feed a linear regulated PSU and be thrilled.  It can also self-power itself off the computer power of course.


It costs 39.90€/$49 brand new, I'm asking $OLD shipped worldwide.

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