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Nothing new so far :(

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I have a problem. I bought a pair of theese that was supposed to be missing some screws, but apparently it also lacks some damping material, because the sound is waay to bright. I was wondering if anyone can post pictures of their Aiaiais inside, or just tell me if the vents are covered (the ones around the driver), or is the driver damped any other way. I can play with them, but first I want to get them to original state.

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You mean these?

That foam around the driver came glued to it.



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Originally Posted by kelvinmorcillo View Post

Nothing new so far :(



no picture yet, though...

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Thanks. I tried similar setup and didn't get a result like in the review though. Maybe the foam has different density or there is some more coverage on the holes inside the cup.

Anyway I came up with a very good results by covering most of the vents inside and leaving the ones on your photos open. They sound quite flat, a little bright. The bass is shallow, though it doesn't get deeper on these headphones.


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You mean these?

That foam around the driver came glued to it.



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Any news from AIAIAI about the new pads on these headphones ? I am considering buying these cans but I'm a bit worried about the comfort issues...
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Originally Posted by Kons View Post

Update here guys, as you may have read i recently purchased velour pads for the hd25's on ebay.
I received them earlier today and they really are a perfect fit. All my problems are gone, they're super comfy and seals super well.

I can't promise this will work as well for you as i think it did for me, but i absolutely think it's worth a shot.

This is how they look like:

// Dan

How did you change the pads for the HD 25 ones, simply pop them out ? Did the new pads change the sound quality of the Capital ? Very interesting mod !
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looks like i'm having some wiring issues as one of the drivers is cutting in and out. Can't send them back to the mothership since they're out of warranty.


Anyone ever take these apart to recable?

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Really interested in hearing about any sound changes with the hd25 pads. I had them before, loved the sound, but returned them because I found the pressure on the he top part of my ear too much. Was a shame, because they were perfect for London life. Think I might reorder and try this
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I bought them for 19€ new. Couldn't resist. Wanted them for the gym / commute, because my Porta Pros broke again and I'm tired of getting new ones – Lifetime Warranty here doesn't work that well.

I really like their sound and built is ok. Weather Proofing is a nice bonus!


But I have the same problem as everyone else: hard to get a seal, because the angle of the phones to the headband just isn't right. 

Also the pads are pretty uncomfortable to me. Well, they certainly are weather proof ;)


I tried my Grado Pads just for fun because they fit perfectly:

The SR325 pads don't work at all. Sound too thin and no seal. Doesn't work.

On the other side the the "Comfies" from the SR60/SR80 fit and really make them ... comfy ;)

They give a much larger area for the headphone to rest on. Sound thins out just a little. I'll A/B them a little.


Looking into buying the HD25 pads. Should I get Velours or regular ones?

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I've had a set of capitals for a couple of months - I love the sound and the simple construction.
The slight "clamp" and sound leakage make them perfect for running.. because of the larger drivers they have much meatier sound that most in ear type headphones - and in ear ones (wireless or not)


However - somehow one of the pads have developed a crack..and I predict that it'll disintegrate completely in the near future and need some replacements.


I've read here that two types fit..


Ear Sponge Cushion Pads for GRADO SR60/SR80/SR125/225/325/ 325i/Alessandro

and the

Sennheiser hd25 pads (leatherette and velour)


Price of the Sponge pads is roughly 6gbp

Price of the Sennheiser pads 10-12gbp


Can anybody tell me how much the sound will change with the sponge pads? And how about comfort - are they so soft that you can feel the plastic body of the head-phones?




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