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What Would IronMan do?

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I'm looking for the IEMs to buy, I've got about a $170 rough budget, and I would really like to get something with some brain crushing bass.


Here's what I personally own so far...


Dr. Dre Beats TOUR (wow, you guys were right. over-priced pieces of mediocre junk)

Dr. Dre Beats STUDIO (lol, I know...)

Shure SE 215

Klipsch s4i



I'm looking at:

Monster Turbines new from for about $80.00

Hippo VB's for $79.00 

Brainwavz M2 In-Ear Headphones  for $34.50

Ultimate Ears 700

NuForce NE-700X  US $65.00


I'm not concerned with looks, but the Atrio's are possibly the ugliest earphones I've ever seen. Those And the Koss Portas.


remember, BASS BASS BASS, Bass so hard that real audiophiles cringe at its disgusting low-end amplification.


thanks everyone, I love you guys

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Have you checked out the Futuresonics Atrios?

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But yeah the Atrio's are pretty ugly looking. But paired with my fiiO E11 they're pretty epic in the bass department. They get nasty low. smily_headphones1.gif I also noticed you also brought up the NuFoce NE-700X. Those will always hold a special place for me cause those were the first "expensive" IEM's that I purchased. They hold they're own in the Bass regions. Though not very bright on the top end compared to the Atrio's IMO. Hope this helped some. I'm not an audiophile with a perfect ear by any means. But I know what like. smily_headphones1.gif)
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thanks for everyone's replies.


Yes, I have considered the Atrios, but for almost TWICE the price as the $80.00 Monster Turbines, I couldn't imagine making the purchase... (plus they remind me of my uncle's hearing-aid, all nasty-looking)


it looks like I've narrowed it down between the Monster Turbines, Hippo VB's, and the MEElectronics SP51


any suggestions on these?!

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Hahaha.... Having some trouble deciding Smogg? smile.gif

Take the Hippos, if you purchase Turbines which I mentioned do have better sonic values you may not be happy with their bass amounts. By grabbing VB you will be sure to have your brain pulverized while still retaining  decent overall sound. VB are a safe choice because you'll be maximizing sub-bass also their raw approach is well suited to dubstep. 

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Originally Posted by Smogg View Post



I'm looking at:

Monster Turbines new from for about $80.00


Never Tried.


Hippo VB's for $79.00 


Out of the 30 IEMs i have tried the best sub-bass i have ever come across, will blow your mind and be perfect for what your after.


Brainwavz M2 In-Ear Headphones  for $34.50


Cheaper but did not impress me at all. They are bass oriented but the bass quality, quantity and extension will not touch the VB. You also get bass plates to tune the bass just to your liking. You will not be let down AT ALL!


Ultimate Ears 700


Amazing earphones and one of my favourites in the price range and the best of the list by far. But for you its a no go as they will have no were near enough bass to satisfy you. As you have not listed the price though i am gonna guess you can get the cheap. If so grab them to compliment a bassy pair, you will be impressed by them.


NuForce NE-700X  US $65.00


Never Tried.



Answered above in BOLD.


I whole heartedly recommend the Hippo VBs. They might come with a free gift at the moment as well which is just a plus if they do.


Also i know someone who as the VB and the SP51 and the SP51 is not the same at all and not as good either.

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WHAA! just get the utmost powerful and almighty "ZO!"and then you know and bow before what bass really is! and can do for ALL of your now existant gear!


eer um, well in my humble opinion, once you go ZO you will NEVER! go back,


really if you want BASS! then you need to get/try a ZO, I use the ZOv1, and it brings everything ALIVE, my ears are tickling from the bass right now with my 1 day old UM3X, bought second hand, with out it they sound so so? but with the ZO these are a BEAST, so much so that I just bought the W4Rs from EarphoneSolutions! with thier awesome 25% off red25 cuopon! Zowies, I can't wait, freakishly awesome, anyone of my headphones super benefit from the ZO!


well get a ZO, I dare you! well that is if you are RRREALLY searious about your bass, and your bloodtype is BA+, or are you just a poser? and if your so serious, hows come I haven't seen you at any of the meetings? poser, lol, jk!


Happy Listening! ya'll

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Alright guys....


I ordered them...



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