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Hey Guys,


I'm new to this site but been reading it for awhile I guess.  I currently have a pair of Audiotechnica M50s and recently had a relative randomly give me a pair of Grado MS2's.  Never thought I would really need an amp.  Don't really have much budget to work with so less than $100 would be preferable.  I also usually listen to music from my laptop (Macbook Pro).  So far ive been looking at the Fiio E7 and E11.  Really don't know much about them besides the fact the look affordable and pretty cool.  Any help would be appreciated thanks!


Edit: Ok did some more research!  Im going to mainly use my Macbook.  Would E7 be better cause its a DAC or could i just connect the E11 to the headphone jack for the same effect? 



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