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balanced armature, 1 driver

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What are best high end in ear 1 driver and balanced armature ??bigsmile_face.gif

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Depends on what kind of sound you're looking for and price range...


Phonak, Etymotic, MEE, Westone, as well as others all make (single) BAs, but targetted differently.  Even Dunu has a few cheaper BA models.


EDIT: Don't forget ACS also makes the single BA T15s. 

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Final Audio Design's FI-BA-SS is single BA.


For more mortal offerings, Ortofon's e-Q5 and e-Q7, FAD's Heaven S/Heaven C/Heaven A, Etymotic's ER-4 series and Grado's GR8 and GR10 are some "high end" single BAs.

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I would say a custom re-shelled IEM with a BA that's modified to withstand the entire frequency with more oomph without becoming any more distorted. Maybe a re-shelled ER-4? I would say RE272, but that's dynamic and your title says BA

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