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Choosing & comparing headphones.

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ath_m50_1.jpg (Audio - Technica ATH - M50).


UltraFocus 8000(Polk Audio Ultra-Focus 8000).


/index.php/en/products/hfi-780.html(Ultrasone HFI 780).



Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones(Bowers & Wilkins P5).


(i have got all the pictures, from the corresponding companys to the headsets, and i do not own any rights what so ever, to the pictures)





i need some help to choose which of theese headsets to buy, i know that the headsets are in some different price brackets, nonetheless this is the headsets i have been looking at.

i would like to know what the cons -, and pros + are, of theese headsets, and which headset gives you the most "bang for your buck".


if you guys have any other advice, and some alternatives to theese headsets, please let me know. they would have to be full-size/circumaural, and if possible collapsible/foldable. the sound will have to be as neutral as possible, and definitely not bassy. i will not pay in excess of 375,00 USD. 


thanks in advance biggrin.gif

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You can also consider AKG 550, they are supposed to be pretty neutral, circumaural and cost around 300usd.

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the P5 is supra aural...sits on the ears...sound is warm n mellow ,,(stark contrast to the 780..which is leaner clearer in the upper frequencies..n more bassy too...kinda V shaped sound sig.)

780 also have smallish earpads but it is supposed to be circumaural...its kinda shallow in depth too, so if u have stuckoutears like me...then it could be a problem. the pleather can be warm n uncomfortable after awhile.

Form factorwise, the P5 is v stylish..elegant. i wouldnt strut the streets in a 780 

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the AKG 550 seems like a possibility, though they just look huge !

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Yes K550 are big over the ear headphones

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a lot of people are "strutting the streets" in beats aswell.. and i think they look FAR WORSE!!! than the 780 biggrin.gif.

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any advice on the Ultra - focus 8000 or/and the ATH M - 50

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