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Another Grado thread, please help me choose one!

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So I have been saving up for some time now and well I'm ready to get myself a pair of headphones. I'm pretty sure I want a Grado.

My budget is $500. I can't spend more as of now. My plan was to get a SR325i and a Nuforce uDAC to pair it up. Currently my setup is Macbook Pro>Hifiman HM-101>HJE900. I love the sound of the Panasonic but I want something thats different from it.

I'm confused about going for a 325i+DAC/Amp setup or should I go for the RS2i and then later on(say 6 months) invest in a DAC/Amp.


Will be grateful for your advice.


PS: I will be buying new.

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As I am typing this reply...I sit here wearing my Grado 325is and listening to INXS....Need You Tonight....New Sensation...Suicide Blonde...The One Thing


With a huge smile on my face.


Gotta love the in your face, no nonsence, aggressive attack that they bring to rock......just wonderful IMHO.

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Im going to recommend the Alessandro MS2 grado instead of the 325. Same price.

I got one this week as part of a trade and I like it a good deal more than the 325 I had a few months ago (I got those modded into magnums)

The ms2 is smoother and less harsh than the 325 but still has that aggressive grado sound. I think it's a more versatile headphone since its a little less V shaped in frequency response.
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I too was considering getting a MS2i instead of a 325i. I cannot audition any of the phones so MS2i would be a safer bet for the same reason.

I am looking for a really lush midrange, sparkly highs and tight bass. I mainly listen to Blues, Classic Rock(some of them are really old recordings and may not be of the best quality) and Folk/Progressive Metal.


I am confused though, will the RS2i be an improvement over the 325i/MS2i, and if I get the RS2i I won't be able to afford a decent DAC and I will be running it through a budget DAC(HM101) for a while. Will it do justice?


Is the premium I pay for the RS2i worth it?

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I owned an RS2 (used, non i) last year. My memory is a bit hazy but I think they provide slightly thicker (more lush) midrange compared to the MS2 or 325. their tone is slightly darker. I can’t say if it’s an improvement or not as it’s been too long. maybe some other owners will chime in.


if you want a Grado and you want really lush mids, then get a PS500 (or a used HF2) as those have much more bass and lower midrange emphasis compared to the 325 or MS2 or RS2. 


another option for increasing the lower mids and bass on a Grado like the MS2 is to stick flat pads on them. you get them from TTVJaudio.com for 35 bucks.


I wouldn’t worry too much about a better DAC or Amp at this moment with Grados. For anything in the RS, or SR range (not the GS1000 or PS1000 which are more picky), focus on getting the one you really want now and then look into getting a better amp/Dac down the line when your budget allows. The sound will improve but it will be relatively small compared to the difference between the cans. (i.e.: a PS500 will sound better than a 325 even if they’re both being driven from an iPod. hooking up the 325i to a better source or amp will not fundamentally change its sound to be better than the PS500 from the iPod. from my experience, anyway)

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I had the 325i's and found them to be too bright and therefore fatiguing. I couldn't listen for more than two hours or so. OTOH, the Sennheiser HD-650's are mellow and I have listened to them for upwards of 5 hours. They are very comfy too!

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Love my 325i's.  I'm beginning to think my PS500's have too much mid-bass.  Eeek!



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Originally Posted by bbophead View Post

Love my 325i's.  I'm beginning to think my PS500's have too much mid-bass.  Eeek!




Nice looking phones!

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