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Vsonic GR07 MK2 or Triple.fi 10?

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My quest continues as I search for the best IEM. I listen to music mainly with a lot of bass (Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Hip-Hop/Rap, etc.) and I was wondering if the TF10 or GR07 MK2 would be better for my preferences. If I end up choosing the TF10, I would get the FiiO RC-UE1 replacement cable. I hear that the new GR07 MK2 has an upgraded cable with more silver in it. I just can't decide!! Someone PLEASE end my search :)

PS: I can get the TF10 for around $150, and can get the GR07 MK2 for $160.. (if that matters)



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this might be of interest to you: http://www.head-fi.org/t/574666/iems-with-better-bass-then-gr07/15#post_7807388


Given your music preference I would personally go for the TF10 if I was in your situation...maybe also consider the yamahas. 

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Alright, I'll definitely check em out! Thanks a lot for your help. And before I forget, I've heard of a TF10 'mod' where you switch the cable connectors.. is this true?

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TF10s are a great choice and so are the Shure SE215s. Those two weren't really my favorites because I'm quite picky. The TF10s will give you more for the money, but the SE215s gives you very enjoyable bass. The Atrios are always a great choice, but I always preferred the SE215 and PFE112 over it (in terms of that price range). I think the utmost best (IMO) value for money is the Audeo PFE1x2 for 100-200$ range.

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Owning both TF10 I prefer GRO7 MKII, I listen to dubstep, trance, hip hop, rock, metal and Britney Spears. The problem with TF10 for these applications is their sub-bass roll off, they lack authority in this area getting down low, something GRO7 pull off without question, another thing that ticks me off about TF10 is although they're really smooth in their presentation the mids sound like someone sucked the life out of them, basically recessed 'slightly'. This only became apparent after hearing GRO7.

Either way without going in depth both are decent choices. For me GRO7 MKII is the better man for my genres.  

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Vsonic GR07 MK2

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As a single driver the GR07 will have better... singularity.


Some multi-driver IEM's have overlapping frequencies, which can result in errors, the TF10 is definitely one of them, The Sony XBA-3, XBA-4, and JH16 are others.

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Ok, do you think that $150ish is a good deal for the TF10s?

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No, since I think the Ultimate Ears UE700 is a better IEM.

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How?? I'm just curious, lol. I had the 700s, they just broke on me. VERY FRAGILE :(

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I meant in sound quality.  I didn't notice the weakness in construction quality on them however that seems like the weak point.


The TF10 is disconnected and the UE700 is connected, that's all.  The TF10 has more pristine highs and more impactful bass, however.

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Oh, ok. Have your GR07 MK2s arrived yet?? I'm excited to see a review on them!

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Nah, I'm looking at the tracking, and listening to my bio-cellulose Sony's in anticipation. ^^



Hmm, the review will take a while though.

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I figured lol. How close is it?!

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I had the TF10 and got rid of it.  At the time, I was looking for a replacement for the Shure SE530.  I thought it was inferior to the Shure.  I love the GR07 so much I just bought another as backup / for work.


As usual, YMMV

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