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For Sale: JH16 **price drop!**

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
JH16 **price drop!**

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi all, (Price now going for $700.00 650.00 incl shipping) SNAP IT UP!



I've just got my JH16's back after the 5th 6th refit.frown.gif isolation on the left doesn't match right, and I think I don't want anymore refits..


Not prepared to ship them back again and pay postage. 


Its pretty much brand new, as I haven't really listened them too much, as most of the time its been going back to Jhaudio for refits.


Pm me if you're interested in the purchase or if you have any questions, I'll include shipping in the price, but you'll need to pay for for the paypal fees


Please note that paypal price is gift or 3.3% or whatever paypal charges I WILL NOW EAT UP PAYPAL FEES, and INCLUDE SHiPPING TRACKING in the price





p.s. The twags in the picture isn't included (gonna keep them for future use) 

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Definitely interested, ran out of my pm's for today. Are you willing to budge the price at all?biggrin.gif
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Hi Mate.


I've dropped the price to 650.00


let me know if you're still interested





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So this item is sold?

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Sorry mate.

Decided to try one last time for a refit

If it doesn't work then I'll list them again

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No worries Jimmy,


Good luck with the refit!

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Hey there! Any news on the refit? hope it went okay!

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Hi Hahayyy


Still waiting for them to come back mate.


Will update you once I grab them. And.


If they come back not fitting, I will be opening this up and reselling them again


I think 7 refits is my limit! Even though sound is so good.

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You know, a little nail polish coat or two (or eight) can help a custom to form a good seal if you do it right and think about just where the polish needs to go. If you screw up, just pick the polish off with a fingernail and try again. Just use formaldehyde-free nail polish, otherwise, you'll be sorry.

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Thanks for the advice Kunlun!

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is this still for sale?

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waiting on payment atm




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Payment sent! 

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