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budget speakers for a gig

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my friend in need of some loud speakers, and a sub to play his mixes with, he will be mixing with mostly electro-house, and wants quite a bit of bass, he does not care if it is a flat sound, and wants there to be a lot of mids in the speakers, and has a $300 budget

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You need to do some research in your local area. All big cities and most towns will have a company that hires out suitable gear.


For an entry level $100 you usually get a pair of Mackie SRM 450 or equivalent (450 Watts, 12" drivers : good down to ~40Hz). Plus all associated stands and cables etc. If you expect more than 100 people and/or want a sub then costs rise substantially. You might get something for your budget.


Also, if you ask around, many people who own PA gear are always looking for an opportunity to rent it out when otherwise not in use. This saves you having to deliver, set up, break down and look after the stuff yourself. Price often depends on how much the owner likes you and needs the work. Negociate politely.


Good luck with the gig.

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