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Realtek headphone assignment?

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When I plug in a jack to my pc I get this:




Does this make a difference to the sound?  And is there anyway I can change it without unplugging and replugging the jack as I've got it connected up so I don't have to go to the computer to switch them.

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With most computer audio outputs today:


In the Speaker mode the output should be line out level to plug into amplified speakers / receiver etc.

In the Headphone mode the output should be higher than line out level to drive the headphones. Sometimes there is equalization applied to the Headphone setting as well, which will change the "Sound"


In the control panel for your sound card (Realtek in this instance) there is an option to change the "Speaker Configuration" from Headphones up to 7.1 etc.


So you can set it to what you want and disable the pop up for the dialog box. I do not believe it will "Auto Switch" settings for you though.



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