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as per title, i'm exploring the avenue of a new audio/pmp device


I currently have an iphone4 with fiio e11 and sennheiser hd25 1 ii's


I find there are positives and negatives to having the iphone as an all in one device and have no objection to getting 2 seperate devices (pmp/phone) if need's be.


I have a liste of needs/requirements as follows:


1) as great a sound quality as possible

2) expandle memory by sd/micro sd

3) very good colour screen of approx 3.5 inches or so

4) great battery life

5) touchscreen

6) wifi


having read a fair few threads and researched a little, i'm kind of angling toward these:


Cowon J3 - don't think this has wifi? - £160 in the uk

Cowon Z2 - seems to tick all the boxes - £260 in the uk

Cowon A5 - seems to tick boxes, similar price to Z2


Creative Zune HD

Creative Egg ii


Budget, is ideally around £250 absolute tops, and it would be at the top end


Any suggestions, input or ideas welcomed and thanked for in advance :)