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For Sale or Trade: JVC HA-FXD80 [LIKE NEW]

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For Sale or Trade:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

JVC-Kenwood HA-FXD80-Z

$95 USD, Shipped (Worldwide w/Tracking)


Color: Zinc

Condition: Like New, bought last week.


  • This is the flagship model of the 'MicroHD' line from JVC. It utilizes carbon nanotube microdrivers, with a brass retention ring added (the lower models do not have this feature) to eliminate unwanted resonances.
  • The FXD80 was an IEM that I was very enthusiastic about for a while, and I even created a thread for it that became a surprise runaway hit.
  • I'm in the minority that doesn't get along with the sound signature. While it has great clarity, detail, and an equal measure of both bass and sparkle, I require more midrange forwardness in my music. There are also other issues that give me pause, but apparently, others don't find them a problem.
  • I also cannot insert them as deep as I thought I could. My ears have always been finicky about fit, and the FXD80 becomes uncomfortable after long periods of time (for my small ear canals) if I insert them deeply (which is the way I prefer my fitment). That's why my IEM collection is mostly CIEMs now.
  • The design, IMO, is elegant and stylish, suitable for both males or females. The all-metal body is resistant to scratches and blemishes. It'll last a long time (one large reason why I bought it).



  • Willing to trade only for a Phiaton PS210 or Phonak Audéo PFE 112 in good, working condition.
  • Price includes shipping via Registered (with Tracking) International Mail. Reaches most places within 7-10 days. You can also pay the difference for EMS, which will reach almost everyone within 3-6 days.
  • Buyer pays PayPal fees, or pay by gift.

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Backup pm sent.


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