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Originally Posted by Red Jacket Mike View Post

I agree that there is no audible difference with these two players, and the features, like memory play, bypass core audio and sample rate switching are similar.  For me, Audirvana gets the nod because I can use an AU plugin with it, namely a graphic EQ.

I am considering buying one of these products to improve my music listening experience, and I hope I can get some help here.  I typically play my music from i-tunes on my Macbook pro, through apple TV via airplay...  The apple tv is hooked up to my main Ht/ 2-.1stereo rig via an Emotiva DAC (DC-1)


(in parenthesis, I have a synology NAS that I shall soon set up to store music and video files.  I also have a Mac mini serving as an htpc in my Bedroom rig, so it would be nice to have all the music files stored in one place on the home network so that I can play them on either either rig, as well as listen to them on my Macbook pro with headphones, if I choose to. Also only a tiny fraction of my music files exist in high-res format--mostly ALAC. After discovering recently that I have been shooting myself in the foot ripping my CDs to i-tunes in mp3 format, I have decided to re-rip my entire collection in lossless ALAC/FLAC for my home network, and this is also one of the reasons why I need one audio playing application to help me optimize my music. So now back to my questions.)


Will Audirvana plus fulfill all my needs? Specifically speaking: when I purchase it, can I load and use it on both my Macbook pro, and my Mac Mini, or would I have to buy two licenses in order for it to serve on both machines?  Does it integrate well with ipod/ipad/iphone functionalities? Also does it optimize music for headphones in the same way as Fidelia does, according to one posting earlier in this thread? (I have a couple of great headphone amps that I use with my two rigs, so this question applies to using the headphone with my MacBook pro alone, on the fly)


Is there any advantage in owning two of these applications at the same time (e.g. Audirvana plus and Bitperfect, or Audirvana plus and Fidelia pro), or, put in another way, can Audirvana plus be adequate as a one stop solution, doing everything the other two can do?


Any helpful thoughts would be welcome.  I was actually on the verge of pulling the trigger tonight, first on Bitperfect, and later, on audirvana plus, but I thought I should do a little research first in order to avoid paying for redundant duplicate services, should I end up finding one of the applications I buy inadequate for some reason. Thanks.

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If you are after the best sound then audirvana will work best. But for some reason the site isnt working now

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I recommend Bitperfect mainly for its value. Either way, any of the software offerings will do much of the same (which is bypass core audio). The quality of the coding is harder to determine. Next thing to look at is the feature set of each software and compare it to what you want.
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