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Deleted... original post.   


Upon further review of my new iPod Touch 4G - I find that WAV, AIFF, and ALAC files all sound virtually identical to the CD playing on my Sony Walkman CDP.


Though, the WAV files sound a bit louder, and maybe a hair better at the same volume settings on the iPod.  Does anyone know why that is the case?


I don't find that any EQ tools and settings really improves the sound on most tracks - though, I suppose a few could have their sound improved by countering the effects of poor engineering on the master.   


For whatever reasons, when I first began using the iPod Touch, the uploaded files from my CD's didn't seem to sound identical... but... "upon further review" and use, A:B tests of various pieces seem to sound identical, or so close, I can't tell the difference.  Pretty amazing actually... I'm surpised they can sound so similar.  


So... I no longer need help with trying to reproduce the exact sound of my CD's on the iPod Touch.  

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