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Running and Gym IEMs

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Yo guys

I need earphones for workouts (weight lifting and running).

I really want to buy the jvc HA-fx40 after i saw some reviews here but i dont know if theyre good enough for workouts.

My main choice is the sport fi s6 of meelectronics

but i dont know if they worth the 55$ shipped since they looks like the old m6


So there is any suggestions?

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Here are criteria I would consider for gym IEMs:


- Good bass (Most of the songs you will be listening in the gym will have a good beat to it)

- Isolation (Block out gym music)

- Deep insert or at least a good fit (So it doesn't fall out)

- Microphonics or ability to go overear

- Rugged (can handle sweat on the cord / impact on the housings)

- Low price


Sound quality can come second imo. I don't think you will enjoying the SQ difference of pavarotti's voice when you are busy deadlifting 200+ pounds lol.


That being said I would ask those who have the fx40 whether or not the build is good enough for gym use. To me it looks a tad fragile having no strain relief at the housing. Either way it's only 20$. I am personally using the MEE M16 atm,  it's 9.99$ on amazon currently.

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Personally I use a wire clip that comes with a lot of the IEM's I have bought in the past and clip that to the neck of my shirt and have that wire run down my shirt when I work out. It stops you from pulling on the wire and the wire from catching on anything for when I work out.


As for the meelectronics s6, I have the m6 and it works good for working out. My biggest issue with it though was I have had 2 of them with the same problem, though I don't recall ever hearing anyone having the same issue as me. The issue was that if I had it plugged into my phone or ipod and moved the connector a bit it would make my phone dial a contact number, or in one case 911 though luckily that time I was able to hang up before the phone connected and actually dialed. With the ipod classic it would basically do the same thing in making it act like I was telling the phone to do something. And this was with the normal m6 not the one with the mic. So I returned it for a new one, second one did the same thing but I liked how they sounded too much so I burned them in for a day in hopes that it stop the problem which it did somehow, and I have been using them for the past 6months without incident since than. Quite sure I had legit m6 as well since I bought from Amazon itself and not a 3rd party.


As for using the FX40 I was thinking about doing the same thing pretty much and use it for working out, having used normal IEMs before make sure you clip the wire to your shirt it will save you a lot of trouble.

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Ok thank you guys,

There is any people here that used FX40 for workouts?

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If you're able to find them, try the soundmagic EH11, nice design so they stay in your ear and also quite a nice sound to them :)

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The JVC HA-FX40 doesn't isolate so well. I guess it might isolate better if you get some double or triple flange tips for it. Another option is the Panasonic RP-HJE355, although with the included tips it also doesn't isolate that well. It does seem to be built better than the HA-FX40, and has a warmer sound. Both of these have plenty of detail.
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