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Originally Posted by behwatch View Post

Using just a sony ex650ap iem and Xperia X Performance to test.

DFB - hiss louder than my breath. unlistenable.

DFR - volume is too soft. can only listen at full volume. my chinchillas can bark louder than that.
But can conclude DFR is better than DFB.

Assuming you are referring to an Xperia phone, Android has issues controlling the hardware gain on the Dragonfly. Even if your system volume is full the device is at a low volume setting.


Try USB Audio Player Pro from the play store. It has it's own driver which bypasses the Android sound system and can control the hardware volume on the Dragonfly.


Audio-quest suggests that you max out the system volume and use the hardware controls.

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interesting little device!
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Between the Dragon Fly Black (V1.5) or Fiio E10k what is the best?


I play games and lissen to spotify.



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I wouldn't spend a dime on a dragonfly. Waste of money if you ask me. 

Fiio E10k for sure.

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Have you had the 2?


Why do you say that?

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Because you ask smily_headphones1.gif
I had the dragonfly. Very disappointed. And I also had some fiio products. Not this particular one, but you can't compare a simple USB dac with this Fiio with amplifier.
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In all fairness, the Dragonfly is both a DAC and an amp, as is the Fiio E10k - so I think it is fine to compare them...but not unless you have heard both.  


Price-wise, the E10k and Dragonfly Black are in the same ballpark. The primary differences are form factor, and the added volume knob and bass-boost selector on the Fiio.  (And I don't know if the E10k will work straight out of an iPhone the way the Dragonfly Black or Red will.) They are both limited to 24/96. Which amp section is a better match for your headphones? Hard to say. Try to listen to both if you can.


I think the Dragonflies are fine products, but have not heard the E10k to compare sound.

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I whant to use the DAC only in my PC desk, nothing else, he never gona leave home.

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Theoretical a dragonfly is an amp, but in practice more of an equalizer.
Sorry, but the dragonfly is nothing more then a slightly powered EQ. In my experience. Comparing it with the internals of the fiio is just not right.
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The Dragonfly Red is not as powerful as my Sound Blaster Z soundcard, but the sound is cleaner and doesn't distort even when the volume is at max. As far as DACs go, it is the cleanest sounding DAC/amp in my repertoire.

Aune T1 mk1 = Most colored DAC. Sound varies depending on tube. Can sound very digital or extremely analog. Most fun of all my DACs. I use the line-out exclusively.

V-MODA Vamp Verza = Neutral with a warm tilt. Pairs well with brighter headphones like the AKG Q701. Has the least powerful amp of all my gear.


Creative Sound Blaster Z = Sounds better than the RealTek chip built into my PC's motherboard. I mainly use it for gaming and movies. For music my other DACs sound much better. Most powerful amp but distorts at higher volumes.


Audioquest Dragonfly Red = Cleanest, most digital sound. Bass is lightest of the three while treble extends the farthest. No distortion at all volume levels.

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How does zuperDAC and SMSL m3 would fit in comparison with dargonfly v1.2 & v1.5. Any insights guys?


Sure, m3 has naturally got more juices out of the box but how does the aforementioned dragonfly variants may stack up I wonder apart from that.

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I'm looking to buy the dragon fly red. If anyone has one for sale and is willing to ship to canada, please PM me. Thanks

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