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Brainwavz B2 or Shure se215

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The Brainwavz are on sale for $110. The Shure se215 are $99. I listen to mainly alternative and hip hop.

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The Brainwavz B2 is technically the better of the two, but the sound signature will not be to everyone's liking.


The B2 is more analytical while the SE215 is more bassy.


You need to know what kind of SS you're looking for.

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Your preference in sound sig will matter a lot, however if you find the B2s too treble happy or analytical for you, at the price range we can probably recommend something better than the SE215..

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I've seen some posts in which the Rockit R-50 and Creative Aurvana 3 are recommended. What do you think of these? I really want a pair of IEM with an over the ear design because it looks like the fit will be better.

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B2 has an over the ear design.


The Creatives are not bad, but again, there's better choices in the price range.


No experience with the Rockits, sorry.

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Ok can you please recommend me the best for that price range? The most I would like to pay is $120

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What more are you looking for?

The B2 is a steal at the pre-order price!

It's comparable to the mighty CK10!


If you prefer a warmer signature then might I suggest a few other popular IEM like FXT90 or EPH-100

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I agree with Xinn3r.

The B2 (same as the DBA-02) are incredible... especially for the money. Phenominal value and an outstanding IEM.


However... if you are looking for something warm and lush... look elsewhere. The B2 are bright, analytical, fast, clear. Brilliant!!


Good luck.

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Yep the B2s are right up there. Hurry though, pre-order ends of the 12th!

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B2 for hip hop? Sorry I don't think that's going to work out well, but of course YMMV.

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Audio Technica AH-CK500 costs less than B2 on sale and less than the Shure and could deliver what you are after. Warm, lush, good bottom end, decent mid and highs. Some find them too bass-y, but for hip hop, it could be just the ticket.

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