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And Kuddos to Monster!


First Etymotic. If they hadn't taken care of me I was going to post here and complain, now that they did, and went the extra mile as well, I thought I should share.


My HF5 cord to one of the earphones split near the earphone. I thought I was being too rough on it so I taped it real good and even used two part epoxy on the tape to stiffen it up where the split was. The sound was still good in both ears. About one month later the same cord split again. I sent a message to Etymotic and let them know what happened. They had me send my earphones in. I just received a UPS shipment with brand new HF5s, including the soft case, all the assortment of tips, extra filters and filter tool. I'm very happy with Etymotic.  Just thought you should know.




Ps. In the meantime I received my Monster Miles Davis Tributes... WOW..... holy cow..... oh my gosh.. I love these earphones... love love love....IMHO they sound better than the HF5s. I still love my HF5s but they don't have the air moving base I enjoy so much. Better even than my old Panasonics AJ-HDX900s and a lot better than my Klipsch s4i.

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