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Need help with IEM $100-$200 range

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I'm not really sure what all the different specifications are on IEMs but I have had Skullcandy heavy medals and I love them but they were only 45$ and I'm looking into investing some money for some shocker quality.


I'm looking for something with some really powerful bass that doesn't overpower the highs and mids

So yeah :D I appreciate all the help you guys can offer

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The GR07(highly recommended), UE TF10Pro, MTP Copper, Sony XBA3, Sony EX7550 are very good buy under this price, they all offers good punchy bass and detailed mids, highs.

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Look at the deals thread and see if the Monster Miles Davis Tributes are still on sale (2/3rd off). WOW... I just love my new copy and the base is amazing. I had the scale back my J3 BSE settings from "Rock" to "Normal". Better than my Etymotic HF5, my Klipsch s4i and my Panosonic HDX900 (which are legendary.. you can't buy these anymore(the HDX900s)).



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If you want this deal you better hurry before its over with....




then pick out a set that you want and see if the price gets in your range...   I'm sure there are several..

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Do any earbuds for sale kind of fall under what I described? Taking in consideration the price of course

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CKS77 all day.. Bass is insane on those things and it's clear enough in the mids and highs.. Or the CKM500 if you want a little less bass but still fully there plus a great amount of clarity in the mids and highs.. Both under 100 and both have shocking quality =).. I'd take either of those over all the others suggested.. Only pair I haven't heard are the TF10s and the XBA3s.. As for the rest I highly prefer the CKM500's first and the CKS77 after that if you want the most bass possible with still great sound.. The GR07 are fine and all but they are kind of boring.. And any BA isn't going to fulfill the bass need.. The GR07 would be my only suggestion if you really wanna spend all the money based off of the other suggestions here.. I'm not sure why the CKM500 aren't the first pair given as a suggestion in more threads.. They are a perfect IEM for a fun musical sound and they are under 100 dollars.. Confuses me

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Thanks for the suggestions guys! After a little bit of research I decided to go with the CKS77... I will return after a few days of use to tell you what I think as soon as it ships in. Thanks again!

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Great choice smily_headphones1.gif
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Just got them and so far they sound AMAZING! Going to report back in after a good burn in. Thanks for the suggestion!
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