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Magic wire.

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Noob here so please be gentle...or at least pull my hair if you aren't gentle. tongue_smile.gif  Wondering about cabling. Seems to be fairly divided here as to the audible difference (real or imagined) in using expensive wire vs. stock cables. I guess I too am skeptical after many years ago going to hear a presentation at a local audio store by the guys at NHT. They set up their premium speakers with good sources and had two pair, one set with $200 per foot speaker wire and the other with lamp cord. They actually offered a "reward" to anyone who could reliably tell which one had the expensive wires. Quite a few audio geeks showed up. Some even had these ridiculous little cardboard ear things to direct the sound to their ears better. I couldn't tell the diff. and neither could anyone else. So, can any of those here convince me that upgrades are worth the cost. I recently modded my old Senn 580 Precisions and definitely heard a big difference and wonder if a 650 cable or better will offer as much of an audible change.


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Short answer: If you're plugging them into an iPod, then I'd say your priorities should be elsewhere. If you have a genuinely high-end system, I'd say give some aftermarket cables a try. There isn't a straight-forward answer as much as people would have you believe.

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Thanks for the feedback. Normally I'm running them from a Sony SACD player thru my Denon receiver but more and more I'm just listening to high bit rate mp3's and flac files out of my Toshiba laptop. Going to probably pull the trigger on en entry level DAC/amp in the next month or so (maybe E17 if it doesn't look like anyone is counterfitting THOSE-lol).and see what that does to the sound but wondered if i would really hear a difference upgrading the cable to an HD650 or better. I'll keep sifting thru all the other threads to glean what info/opinions I can. I truly appreciate you taking the time to answer.

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x2 on Currawong's comments.



Spend your money on improving your DAC and/or amp. Then try new cables if you have money burning a hole in your pocket.


I just recabled my Denon D5000 with high(er)-quality cryo-treated copper wire, and I would say that the difference was not night-and-day. I wasn't expecting such, as my goals were a shorter cable that looked nicer and that I assembled myself.


BTW... I saw lots of 650 cables listed in the For Sale forum. I'd start shopping there (if you haven't already).

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HD650 cable on my HD580 was one of the first telltales that maybe cables weren't all BS. This is LONG before my involvement with headphone lounge.


Head Room sells the Cardas HD650 cable, i have no idea what the stuff is made out of, but sonically it was a very rewarding upgrade. Cables are worth giving a try if you don't want to do the headphone/amp/dac shuffle any longer and you just want to sort of give your existing sonic signature a little bump

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