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Long Time Reader - First Time Posting - PMP Recommendation's Greatly Received :) Thnx

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Hi Guy's,


Long time reader of the forums here, and how fantastic they are too :)

However it is my first post and so apologies in advance if it is the most very basic of questions and possibly one likely to split opinion.


Ultimately the story goes, I had an iPhone and have done for several years through it's various iterations.  Sound quality has always been good on the various models and along with a set of Phonak Audeo PFE 122's (as well as all of my music in purchased iTunes+ / 256kbps AAC), I have enjoyed my time with the above.  However just recently (largely due to this forum I think) I have started to crave something more and it's also because the Phonak's have restored my old love of Hi-Fi and listening to music.


The potential for a new PMP has come about also because I have had to ditch the iPhone due to needing a slightly different handset for work purposes.  A Nokia Lumia 800 to be exact and whilst I do love the phone actually, the music playback quality is terrible as I think is widely documented.


So with all of that said.  I'm basically after a separate PMP.  Can be as fancy / un-fancy as need's be.  Money wise I can't see myself wanting to spend much more than £200-£300.  However less / something cheaper is obviously ok too (as long as it's not to the detriment of sound quality).  That really is ultimately what I am after, the best possible sound quality.  However as much as I'd like to I can't see myself moving to FLAC in the short to mid term.  So I guess something that can play my current library of music would be great.


I note some Samsung players (from what I read here) can take advantage of modding and the Voodoo sound thingy.  Likeiwse the Sony PMP's seem really well regarded, however not certain if my files will work.  Then there's the iPod argument.  Not adverse to going that route.  However I'm presuming some iPod's have different / better DAC's than others and so I'm realy at the mercy of any of your expert advice.


Will thank anyone that can help in advance, sorry for the back story but thought it may help when making your recommendations.


All the very best

Nathan :)

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being uk based like me, the choice unless you buy blind is terrible,


from what you have said its either a Studio-V or HM-601 - my Hm-601 with a GS Voyager is the best portable audio I have heard.

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Any reason your not considering the £40 ish Sansa clip plus/zip?  Good sound, good battery life, expandable with microsds (whose prices are falling through the floor so much they will be giving them away with packets of cereal next!) and rockbox compatible.  If you want more you could always spring for a refurb ipod touch on the apple store (64 gig's go for £279 or thereabouts), if it's storage space you want then the classics still around.



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Thank you for the info guys and appreciate the suggestions.  Very kind of you to offer your time in posting.

I'll be honest, I have looked at the Sansa Clip and they can be had for great prices + like you say davidcotton, the memory cards are ten a penny these day's.  I did however wonder if the sound quality is somehow worse / a great deal different than say an iPod with a Wolfson DAC or HM-601 that KT66 again kindly recommended.


I guessing that it is and that you "get what you pay for" in these instances? I say guessing as it is a general presumption and I'll gladly be proven wrong.  I think my only reservations with the HM-601 is the size, however if it really is that good I'll overcome most obstacles.


Knowing full well that the Phonak PFE122's that I have are difficult to drive.  I know whatever I do go for really needs to belt it out / have a decent output as there are times I do like to listen at a fairly high volume (although not all times).  Music fidelity really is just about the only stipulation here really...  Again, thanks so far for the help guy's.. Nathan...

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Well if your curious about the clip plus it's currently £29.00 on amazon.co.uk atm for the 4 gig version.  If nothing else it makes for a great backup player if the main one runs out!

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