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Anyone already compared Shure SRH940 vs AKG K550?

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i am a huge fan of the shires, but i like my k701 a tiny bit  more. it is not easy to compare a closed and an open phone, that is for sure. but their signature is somewhat comparable.


as i like these phones so much, i wonder, if the k550 would be the ideal mergence of both. i did a brief search, but could not find any comparisons.

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this is just based on my experience so take it with a spoon of mashed potatoes


k550 build quality is more durable than the srh940

the k550 doesn't have that nasty treble that i am hearing with the srh940, the k550 has a upper midrange spike though

k550 sounds more "open" than the srh940

both are somewhat comfy, although i never liked velour pads because my ears get itchy with my long hair

i still love the midrange of the srh940, it will make the midrange of the k550 laid back when compairing

both low end extends low but the k550 has more body and impact

srh 940 looks ugly when worn due to its bulky headband, k550 looks better when worn

both scales well to amping, and both sound great when paired with tube amps/warm amps

srh940 seems abit easier

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thank you for your impressions. what about details and instrument separation?

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I had heard both of them.

I found the treble in SRH940 is quite harsh but the bass is quite tight comparing to K550.

Overall I feel K550 has a more balance sound, detail separation & wider sound stage.

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I find that Shure has more detail. But Akg 550 hat better Soundstage.
Akg has more upper Bass easier to listen.
I have both of them. But I like Shure more.
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Sorry to pull up an older thread. I'm deciding between these two, so I'd love to hear any more opinions from anyone who has experience with both. Thanks.
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