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For Sale: Ultrasone Accessory Bundle!

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For Sale:
Ultrasone Accessory Bundle!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a few things laying around from the many, many pairs of Ultrasones that I owned back in the day.  None of this was ever used.


1x Velvet Ultrasone headphone bag

1x Nylon (or similar) Ultrasone headphone bag

2x Ultrasone "S-Logic" Audio-test CDs, sealed new.


Couldn't find any pictures of the nylon-like Ultrasone bag with google.  It's almost the same, except for that the draw-string  is single side only, and the bag is about an inch wider and a centimeter shorter.  Also, their logo is in a bottom corner, rather than centered.


Looking for $12 shipped (CONUS) and paypal'd.  Thanks for looking!

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Is the velvet or nylon bag suitable for pro900 headphones?



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