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Good place to buy?

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http://www.byuy.net never heard of it maybe you guys have bought from it they have the cheapest ath-m50s i can find new so.

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I would not trust it, an extra 20 bucks is worth the authenticity and assurance in my opinion




Hanlinshop is a Factory-Direct e-Commerce platform based in Hong Kong. We have served more than half a million consumers all over the world since 2005. More than 15,000 visitors browse our products online each day.

Directly linked with over 100 factories in China, this is your avenue to steal a bargain right on the shop floor of a factory.

A solid team of dedicated professional managers and staff has been developing and operating this online store platform.

How Do We Do It

Latest products brought to you directly from our factories in Asia
No traditional distribution costs incurred
No unnecessary advertising expenses
No expensive retail store costs

Latest & Greatest Cool Products

Crazy products are being made all the time, things you can\'t imagine. We carry a full range of consumer products:

Computer & Networking
IrDA Series
Cables & Adapters




just doesn't seem legit at all, not very professional


Hong Kong is in China and the m50's are made in Taiwan. Close but no cigar.


Plus a lot of fakes are made by the same factories, but not "authentic" and sold by the company. They just cheap out on the materials and quality assurance is low

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ok thanks for the feedback

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Looks super sketchy to me. I would not trust it.

Not to mention the whois says it was made in February when the about says they've served half a million customers since 2005.
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good place to buy is audiogon or audiokarrm

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