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Sennheiser RS220

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Does anyone have an opinion regarding the Sennheiser RS220? Have wireless headphones finally reached audiophile performance levels? I'd love the convenience, but not at the expense of sound quality. What say you?

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All I know that Jude loved it on head-fi tv and named it product of the year. He also said that it was a wireless HD-600 which is very interesting. I have an HD-600 driven with a Pico DAC/Amp and I want to compare the two but for $550, it's a bit too pricey for me. 

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Where can I get a good deal on the RS220 system?

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I am here to bring this page to life.

Any one ?

Wireless-600 I really would like to disagree (I haven't tried -_-)

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It is also interesting the fact that the RS220 do not need an amplifier. So you save money from the amplifier cost. Plus they are wireless. If they are close to HD600 soundwise would be a great.

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"Sennheiser RS220 Availability?" seems to be the main Sennheiser RS 220 thread.

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I'm looking for a wireless headphones to hook up to the home fi setup and almost pulled the trigger on the RS-220, but then I saw a LOT of negative reviews on Amazon. Can any head-fiers who have the RS-220 shed some more light on this please? much appreciated!

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