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For Sale: Voodoochile-built PPA

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For Sale:
Voodoochile-built PPA

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm selling my Voodoochile-built PPA.  I just don't use my headphone system as much as I used to.  Mark did a super clean job on the internals.  External case is in VG condition, just a couple of scratches here and there.



LaRocco Diamond Buffers

Cardas GRFA RCA input

Locking Neutrik ouptut

Silver plated/Teflon wiring

OPA 627/637 op amps

Elna Cerafine caps

Vishay Dale resistors

Soft feet

Three switches across the front are for (L to R)

- Headphone output disconnect

- Bass boost

- Power

IIRC, this was ~$600 shipped back when I bought it (mid 2004).  Asking $200 + shipping.

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Price drop to $275 shipped.

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Price dropped to 225 shipped. (!)  Smokin' deal here.

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$200 + actual shipping from 85641.

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Wow. This is such an amazing amp at such a low price. Can't believe it's still not taken. I would've gotten it if didn't have one pretty much exactly like this.

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This is a great sounding solidstate amp.  Like zxc I would have bought it if I didn't already have two. :D

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This is a great amp and pretty much the same one I use at work everyday. It's actually my primary amp. Mine isn't even configured as nicely. Someone pick this up before I do. If you're wondering how it rivals "newer" amps, I would bet it can hold its own against a M3 or Asgard or Matrix. 

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