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I was astounded when I started listening to the HD598s. They are so immersive, something that speakers really can't do unless you dedicate an entire room to it. That doesn't mean that I don't use my set of Cerwin-Vega floor speakers, however. Speakers are great for having people over but as soon as "quiet hours" come on the music goes off (from experience I have also learned that sub-woofers are pointless in college since the rattling walls cause your neighbors to hate you...). So for me, speakers are great for social occasions but these Sennheisers have made listening much different due to the kind of immersion you can obtain with headphones as well as the detail that is gained through headphones (noticing instruments and sounds I hadn't before). I wouldn't say that headphones have replaced my speakers but I do listen to headphones more often now than before.


Here is what I'd do. Buy the 598s and listen to them through your Denon receiver (that should make the 598s shine-I listen to mine through an old Pioneer receiver); before the phones are even burnt in you will likely know if they are worth having for home/private audio compared to speakers (honestly, when I am alone I prefer using headphones). If you don't like them, return them. Keep your Bose phones and use them in the library when you don't want to disturb others and need to attenuate noise (they definitely aren't crappy so there is no point in spending more money to buy crappy headphones).


I am getting the vibe you just want to try something new which I fully support; I was doing the same thing about 4 months ago when my Skull Candies broke and I bought the 598s used from a friend as "replacement" headphones. I flatlined listening to the 598s for the first time (maybe an exaggeration, but I'd never experienced music like that before). If you are like me I imagine you will be pleasantly surprised upon listening be it the 598s or whatever else you choose. Check with other Head-Fi members since, obviously, I am pretty new at this.

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the 598's are very speaker like and the soundstage is pretty good


when I watch movies or tv shows with them on I oven look over my shoulder because I think someone is behind me (kinda used to it now)


I don't think you will be dissapointed. Speakers are always more comfortable to listen to and have a completely different feel to them then headphones but I think headphones give you imaging and more precision (unless you dedicate thousands to correctly set up speaker system)

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The thing is that I'm planning to sell my bose heaphones to buy a new pair. I think i've decided to try on the 598's, but would also need a pair to study with. Can you recommend a good pair to take to the library with me? The most important thing would be isolation of comfort and would be looking to spend around...$50? Any ideas? Thanks for all your input so far

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Uh... I've got some 50$ Sony XB500s that I keep around for library needs although I don't really listen to music when I study. They are incredibly comfy, very bassy (I use them to satisfy my bass-head needs), don't leak a ton of sound, and are decent at isolating (nothing compared to the Bose). They have decent all-around sound quality and are fun to listen to but I don't know if they are for you (I could be wrong). I'm sure you can find better isolating headphones that suit you for around the same price. Just do some research.

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There are some candidates in the For Sale forum.

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HD428 is excellent at isolating noise. Tight, controlled bass too. My friend has a pair and loves them.

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you said you were pretty much looking for which sound signature you like and that you don't listen to bassy music and that your budget is 200.

I suggest Fischer FA-003. 


I'm actually surprised nobody has mentioned them. or their cheaper equivalents.

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Sounds to me like you might need some good IEMs. They shut out outside. Lose and they can remain pretty quiet in a library scenario.
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I actually have a pair of good IEM's, but I find that they get bothersome after awhile. Perhaps i'll give them another try, and if I can't take it i'll look at a cheaper pair of cans. My last question is where the best place to purchase the 598's are? I can get them from Best Buy and Amazon, but I feel Best Buy's return policy is better. I say this mostly because I have no experience returning things to Amazon. Does anybody have any experience with returning to Amazon, either good or bad? I think i'm ready to buy, just looking for the best place and deal I can find. Thanks a lot for all your help

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Go with Best Buy if you like the return policy even though you can get them for $70 off on Amazon (they are used but I'm kind of a cheap-o about these things). Remember, you should burn them in for around 50 hours before you make a final judgement. Let us know what you think! I watched 'Sunshine' (2007) with them last night; it was quite the experience.

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Hi with $50 I'd recommend either getting the Koss Pro DJ 100 or the Tony Bennett version which has a case + removable cord OR you can get the Creative Aurvana Live if you can find it for cheap. The koss needs an amp to sound better and I've heard even the Fiio E6 is enough for it which is like $25~.


I think it'll be nice for you to own a home pair and a portable pair which are the only ones I have(HD25-1 + D2000) for now since I'm saving up for a pair of either Hifiman or Grado and then ultimately an LCD-2. But back on topic, I'll vote +1 on the D2000, and the Koss Pro DJ100. I had a pair that I recently sold because my HD25-1 is sufficient for portable use. I do really like the sound signature that Grado has and I think it'll work well with the genres you've listed. Unfortunately, I've never tried the Sennheisers listed but I think you will be happy with any of the choices mentioned based on the comments.

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Dahmart is selling the 598s on their Amazon page refurbished for $179. I've gotten a few sets from them before, and I've always had good luck.

If you don't mind going up to $70 (50 plus $20 shipping from Australia), you can get the Jaycar Pro Monitor headphones, which are  identical to the Brainwavs HM5, Fischer Audio FA-003 and the Lindy Premium Hi-Fi. Same drivers. Same enclosure. Same case. Different logo on them. Different price.

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Amazon is great to work with and returning stuff is pretty smooth. Once they even refunded my money before I even shipped it back. Heck I coulda kept the item and the money if I felt like it. And yeah I feel ya on IEM's and ear bud type headphones. I think they get uncomfortable quickly. I always need some for working out though

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