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Here are my designs.
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Originally Posted by timorusaki View Post

The champagne gold would look nice too. Maybe we can pitch the idea to Val? He might listen if we're lucky haha. And I agree, this is by far the best headphones I've ever owned, and the build is unbeatable. I have never seen any headphones build this durable.

I actually did months ago he replies saying he will consider
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How do you guys reckon these would turn out? Are the details too fine?


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It might be too fine, but if it's a very very high quality picture they might be able to make it work. Although I personally doubt that it would turn out perfect. You might want to shoot them an email with the picture and get their opinion.
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Ye, the lines are too fine if I stay within the confines of the template. What would happen if I stretched the image beyond the template boundaries? Would it be rejected by Vmoda?

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They might just crop it out but to be safe, use the templates and crop and position the design yourself so that you can at least get the design size you want.
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Ye, I think I will. I just have to learn how to use Illustrator. Meanwhile, I've thrown together a few potential designs . Any suggestions on which one to go for, or how I could make them more suitable for the shields? Cheers in advance.


I've just noticed that the green shield outlines didn't show up on my jpegs. Sorry bout that.













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Number 6,7,9, and 10 will work just fine as long as it's a high enough quality photo. The other ones that has a black background will have to be inverted because it said on the website that anything that's black will be engrave, the white will not. And they also said that they won't do anything that is trademarked. Like the super hero logos might not pass.
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Ok, thanks for that.

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Anytime smily_headphones1.gif
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Ok, so I'm trying to use Illustrator to crop some images to fit in the shield Templates. The erase tool doesn't seem to be working. Would it be sufficiant to paint any area that I don't want to be printed in white? That is the colour white does not get printed. Is that correct?

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Yes that should suffice.
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Cool, thanks again.

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The V-Moda site advertises the shield kits at $25, but when you choose the personal engraving option it charges $40 at checkout. It doesn't mention this price anywhere else on the site. I shot them an email, and I got some crock explanation that it's not possible for them to show both prices. So just making everyone aware before they go to the trouble of choosing/designing a shield and they're not prepared to spend $40 on it.

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Crock, you say? It's pretty clear to me. Customs always cost more.

Oh, and if you're ordering a new pair of the XS, the shields, custom or not, are free. Try adding an XS with custom shields to your cart. V-MODA isn't trying to rip anyone off.


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