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did you get these yet? Ide like to see some pics.

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They actually dont need the image completed on the template for them to do it. I talked with David from customer support a bit about it and just sending them an image of what you want will work. The people at V-Moda greyscale/BW it for you and then match it to the template for engraving.

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Originally Posted by allmightyjfs View Post

Hey guys! Im new to this site. I got a couple questions. I bought these customization shields and headphones as a xmas gift. I am getting a little desperate, i customized a design for the m-80 shields. I am wondering will it be shipped out and make it out to me by christmas? How long does the customization process take? and is this image too complex to be designed into the shields.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/ddkrmdlft4eu1rt/Alexa-on-ear-shield-blank-template_photoshop.jpg  The order was place on the 10th of dec. and currently marked as Pending. Thanks.


I would have suggested to clean up the design a bit.  Grey scaling has been done in the past with mixed results.  The skulls and 'alexa' will probably be okay, but the rest of the body and hair might be somewhat indistinguishable or blobby.  I'm interested to see the reults when you get them.

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Originally Posted by XyonR View Post

Hey guys, some amazing custom shields up on here, Ive got an idea of what I would like on my m100s, but I do not know how to electronically design it... Please help.


This is a drawing of what I'd like to do





It is possible to make that image black/white and then vectorize it in Adobe Illustrator. I don't have Illustrator though (my ~30 day trial expired), so maybe someone else can help you out with that.

I tried to make it a black/white image here:


https://dl.dropbox.com/u/2816447/IMG_0370_copy_contrast.png (this one has more contrast)

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So here it is, just got them today.  It looks a little more crisp in person but Overall happy with the image except as you can see the name is missing. I thought this was pretty careless by v-moda. The image was inside the guidelines so i dont see why they werent able to put it in. I emailed them to see if i can get a new set sent out to me by xmas. Well see what happens and keep you guys posted. Heres the image https://www.dropbox.com/s/n43mfl2ur8olnli/20121217_183033.jpg

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Wow. They came out really good. I wasn't expecting anything half as good as that. Their shading techniques must be improving. But I think if you want the name included they might have to shrink your image overall. Let us know how it turns out.
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Originally Posted by JiPod View Post

Could someone upload the Illustrator LP/LP2/M-100 shield template saved in CS2 format?  I unfortunately do not have access to the most current versions of Illustrator.



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If anyone plans to get new shields before 2013, use the promo code KNIGHTED to get around 20% off

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That looks hot allmightyjfs!
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Thanks just got a reply back from v-moda, new ones have shipped with name on the bottom. New pics will be posted when received.

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Those look sweet, and oddly familiar, what are they from?
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I would like a suggestion.

I have the Phantom chrome version and I was wondering what color plate would look good for a swap if any.

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Shiny black or red IMO
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What colors on the custom shields are matte,chrome, and metallic on texture wise? I want to get the pearl white lp's but worried about fingerprintson the chrome shields:/
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