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UE tf10 vs Shure se535 ???

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Just curious...  are the Shure se535 IEM that much better than the UE tf10 as in price wise???    The se535 is about 2x the price of the UE tf10...


any thoughts please...  thanks

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Warranty and Support are the first things I consider before spending my bucks.

Other than that bit of advice, I haven't a clue.

Good Luck, Jim
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In sound they are close, se535 might have a bit more balance...

But in fit/comfort/bwq shure are 10x better at least! TF10 has an awful plasticky cable, while shure has an overlong but very strong kevlar reinforced one.

And as for fit, the tf10 is the worst fitting iem i have ever owned. I have fairly average ears and almost never have fit problems, but i have bought and sold tf10 three times! Loved the sound but hated the fit!

If you plan to use thm mostly at home, TF10 gives comparable SQ at a good price, but if you plan on using them on the go they might drive you crwzy! Plus they stick out and make you loook silly:)
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As tako said, in term of fitting and comfort, SE535 provide the best.
For sound? both of them are comparable, although SE535 is much more expensive, mainly due to drastic drop for TF10 in market price. 
Otherwise they should be priced same.

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In sound they are actually very different. TF10 has recessed mids while the Shure has forward. TF10 bass is the biggest on a BA driver i have come across while the Shure is small in quantity and more controlled. Treble quality is on par but the SHure is more calm and laid back. Both very nice but depends what you want, mid-centric or a V.

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Thanks for all the info guys....   interesting that the tf10 started out at such a super high price and its now down to around $175...  thats a pretty good bargain in itself... 


So with all of your inputs I decided to just get both... 


I received the tf10 today..  it sounds pretty good to me... I think the biggest complaint I have seen is the fit... it either works for you or it doesn't...   right out of the package the pair fit me well...  I spent several minutes in front of the mirror while adjusting the wire over the ear to get them to lay correctly and not have the wire pull on the drivers...   after I got that all squared up they fit perfectly.

Just takes a little time getting them perfect... 


I wasn't going to purchase both but couldn't resist the coupon from earphone solutions that they have going on now...  it was like I could get the 535 and get a pair of tf10 for free...   ;-)


have not received the 535 yet... will post first impression here when they show up...


again thanks for the inputs...

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For me, the shures are better in every way except treble clarity and extension. The shures are still good there but it's a 'special' quality of the TF10. Tf 10 has some extra mid bass as well but is noticably off tonally while the shure is very close to right unless you're experience has you looking for a U shaped response. The question is more whether either is better than a W2 or Rocket R-50. You can get the Westone 2 right now for about $187 at Earphone Solutions. That's a steal.

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Burning in the TF10 now with " The Moody Blues - Days of Future Passed "  FLAC - Foobar2000 ... driving them with a ODAC/O2

These babies are great so far...

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ahha, glad you like them, to me Triple Fi 10 provides better "fun" sounding.

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I would strongly recommend getting an aftermarket cable for your TF10s, along with a set of Comply tips if you don't already have them. I never personally had fit issues with them, but the stock TF10 cable is a sin against mankind :P even if you don't believe in cables changing or improving the sound of headphones, you should get an aftermarket cable purely for ergonomical reasons. There are plenty of good ones around that aren't exorbitantly expensive. Another thing to note is that my stock TF10 cable actually broke at the ear curve (the stiff part that curves around your ear) after about 2 months of daily use, which prompted me to get an aftermarket cable. I DO believe that the cable improved the sound, making it seem clearer overall, but the main thing that the cable brought was much better comfort when wearing them. Good luck!

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If you check out my review of these, then you can get a just for the changes cables make.


I also recommend comply tips which i normally do never use.

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Well I think I just screwed up... 

I burned in the TF10 now for around 30 full hours..  just laid them on the table and let them play... 

this afternoon I plugged them into a Woo WA6 with some high dollar tubes...   source was an IPAD playing lossless Apple format... 


my god...  How did I screw up... 

well these are different than my full over the ear phones, but they are just fantastic on a tube amp.  Everything just comes to life and they

jump out at you...   The lows build up and stay tight, the mids get thrown at you like the singer is right in your face ( due to the V characteristic) and the highs sparkle but the

tubes lay them down so they don't fatigue your head...  the impact of the drums... the Sound stage is super wide...   WOW... just WOW...  


at least the weekend is here now... cause I know I'm going to be loosing some sleep for the next few days.... dt880smile.png\


Looks like my full over the ear phones are going to be taking a break for a couple weeks  rolleyes.gif

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Originally Posted by Swimsonny View Post

If you check out my review of these, then you can get a just for the changes cables make.


I also recommend comply tips which i normally do never use.


x2 on the comply tips.  Though at this point I use them for everything.

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Thanks,   they did come with a set of comply tips in a small bag with a tag on how to order more...  I'll change the original ones out ...  they look like they would seal good...

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In reading some of the posts above, I have to agree.  The TF-10 out of the box sounds great but is the most uncomfortable IEM I have ever used.  My solution was to have them remolded.  This may seem aggressive to some but that made a useless item become useful.  I also added an amp and line dock.  I use the HotAudio DV1 and the FiiO L-9.  The volume control on the amp is a digital device that incorporates a balance feature.  Finally I added a silver cable from ChrisHimself (do not skimp on a cable, it DOES make a difference).  I do not need to use only FLAC/lossless/or WAV files; MP-3's and m4a sound just fine.  After several months of break in and use I am very satisfied.  My biggest concerns are losing the rig, damaging one of the components, and running out of batteries.  Everything sounds great.  All of the other toys are on silent display (Stax SR-404, Stax SR-003, Etymotic ER-4p, Etymotic ER-6i, Grado SR-80).  And I am not looking to replace anything, I'm having too much fun discovering what material I have been listening to for years sounds like - gosh there is some great stuff out there.  (Right now, some old Rory Gallagher live sets from Europe).


Regards, PETER (just my opinion and experience)

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