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Can't deside, help me choose cans for ~150e

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There's just too many apparently good headphones on the market. The more I read review the more I'm lost. I listen to almost everything, tho I'm a bit rock/metal biased. I'm not bass-shy, but I like it tight and controlled rather than booming over everything. I don't know if I like neutrality or v-shape more, but I appreciate versatility for different kinds of music (and movies and games too, but music is the priority if that matters anything) and don't want genre-specific phones. Maybe a little more laid back than my old Grado sr80's. Sound quality-wise I'd like to get an upgrade over them too. Their cable broke and while I'm planning repair job I'm drooling for that greener grass on the other side too.


I'd mainly use them on my comp thru Auzentech X-fi Forte -soundcard and maybe with old Pioneer amp (sa-620). If the cans are easy enough to drive I might use them with my phone or laptop, but that's not a priority. I don't really care if they're open or closed, but I might be moving in with few friends so isolation can't be a minus at least.


My budget is around 100-150euros (about the same in dollars with Europe's higher prices). A good Bang-for-buck -ratio is appreciated but I'd like to get the most out of it, altho that's gonna mean a healthy macaroni diet for a while. I live in Finland if that's gonna matter anything (apart a bit expensive phones). Hmm, what else... I think Ive defined my need adequately. I try to list every can I've considered, provided with notes as necessary:


Audio Technica M50 - prolly the most recommended phones around. At first I  was going to grab these, so I'll compare other's prices to it.

Creative Aurava Live - could grab these for 50-odd euros. Apparently a frigging good pair.

Sony MDR-V6/7506 - a legend, dunno if on par with others.

Sony ZX700

Brainwavz hm5 - only a bit cheaper than M50, postages may nullify even that

Beyer dt990 pro - could get hese for 150-170e.  I've heard a bit clashing opinions about these.

Beyer dt 770 - price's about on par with 990pro

Krk KNS-84900 - just heard about them, Costs a bit more than m50 here.

Koss Pro DJ100 - for 60e. Someone here claimed them to be the best closed cans <$200.

Senn HD5x8 - don't know, I really didn't like 5x5 sound, and thse cost atleast 50e more than their older counterparts did.

Fostex tr50(?) - apparently a good base for modding. I'm not too much into modding but I've hard good things about Mad Dogs.

Denon D2000 - I'm really interested in these. Too bad they're way over my budget costing ~300e.

AKG K272HD - for 130e. I've had the old 600ohm K240 Monitors, now beyond the repair I fear. The sound was good but a bit... bland at least compared to Grados.

AKG K271 - for ~150e

Superluxes - If I went cheap, I'd prolly go with the CALs


I think I already forgot a few pairs. Listening to them beforehand isn't really a possibility, tho I try to audition at least a couple of them. That being said, I hope you guys can help me.


Edit: and oh yes, Sennheiser HD 25-1 II look sweet too, but they're a bit pricey also.

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I ended up ordering HM5 for about 110e. Hope I didn't make that big of a mistake. Might be I grab Aurvanas or Pro DJ next time I'm in need of portable cans. Since moving into city open phones just don't cut it anymore.

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