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Sennheiser HD 598: Ugly or Sexy

Poll Results: Sexy or Ugly?

  • 41% (157)
    Absolutely Sexy
  • 27% (104)
    Above Average
  • 8% (33)
  • 8% (34)
    Below Average
  • 14% (54)
    Damn Fugly
382 Total Votes  
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The Sennheiser HD 598 is very controversial in terms of its appearance. Some find them hideous; others find them beautiful. YOU DECIDE: 









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Online: Sexy.

In person: Fugly as all hell.
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Butt ugly or i would have tried them.

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absolutely agree with you. It looks great from the images but in person it looks ugly, the cream colour is on the brownish side bigsmile_face.gif

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When i bought my hd595, i also consider hd598, looks so elegant, but in the end i chose 595 because it will not get dirty easily.
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They do look like they'd be very comfortable.

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I don't understand how headphones get dirty... Do you guys drop em in the toilet or something?  My 598s have been with me for nearly a year now, and I haven't had a single problem concerning dirt.  I find the cream/brown combination to be pleasant on the eyes, and hardly fugly by an stretch.  Worth trying despite the look, just as Grado is worth looking into despite the comfort issue. 

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i feel that the HD598 looks awesome in photos, nice at home, and not so good on the bus or street, guess the black alternative is more versatile and cheaper

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I think they look incredible in the pictures and almost as good in real life. 

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I love the wood accents on these. I've never tried them IRL though, I would love to.

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I think they look good, almost like something you'd see in a luxury car. But in person the cream color is darker and looks more brown. So I vote they look OK, but not great.


They sound the same as the HD595 so why bother with the redesign? The HD595 can be sound cheaper as well so you may as well go with that. I've heard both side by side with no differences in sound at all.

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Actually Zombie, these are not the same as the HD595. They have similar sound characteristics, but don't sound the same. The HD598 is a very mid rich headphone.
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Pretty damn ugly but sounds fantastic, which is why I keep my pair ;)

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How can a headphone be sexy? 

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I dunno Beagle... some headphones turn me on. frown.gif

It's gadget pr0n.

Beyer gel pads...anyone? XD

I won't post that picture, because it's just a bit too...yeah.
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